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Jimmy Nevis Biography

Last updated: 11/08/2014 03:37:05 AM

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Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Jimmy Nevis is a young (19 years old) alternative pop singer/ songwriter and producer. His sound comprises of quirky lyrics, acoustic tones and catchy melodies. With a passion for the music industry, he hopes to be making waves overseas someday soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Band interests:
I love doing crazy things with crazy people!

Artists we also like:
Adele, Jamie Cullum, Goodluck

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An African man who sounds like he is not African. | Reviewer: sharmaine kuzondishaya | 11/6/14

Just like everyone else l thought you were an American when l first saw your song Balloon and l was telling everyone how l like the way you sing and your music videos look like they look EXOTIC. Then l saw you doing an interview in S.A and l was so surprised then l decided to google your name because l didn't believe you were from S.A.

amazing singer | Reviewer: asa | 10/9/14

Hi jimmy I listened to your songs heartboxing and misscato and I thought you where american then I googled you and you from south africa I am glad to see that I love you and your music you have a beautiful voice you are made for this have a great year further

AWESOME | Reviewer: Jamie | 7/29/14

Hey Jimmy I saw u perform once in cavendish square....u were awesome,great looking guy,well dressed,voice like an angel....make cape town south africa proud for years to come

Hey jimmy,im m s obsessd wth ur songs,i lov the ur beats nd video,dont let any1 critisize or let yo | Reviewer: Phendu thozama | 3/13/14

Hey jimmy..i am a big fan of urz,i love ur songz,beats nd ur videos nd more especialy you ar from South Africa,you inspire us,our youth and our children. Just dont listen to critics,continue doing what you do best im 100% behind u..cnt wait 4 your album thnkx ma man

50 shades of Jimmy | Reviewer: Maureen | 3/7/14

Hey im Nigerian..heard heartboxing on d radio nd got teary eyed..decided 2 dwnload it immediately...actually tot twas anoda Brit or American..u dnt knw hw proud i am knwing u'r African..we need more of Jimmy mooore..xoxo

Biggest fan. ever !!!!!! | Reviewer: Micaela Johnson | 1/28/14

I'm a HUGE FAN!!!!!I LOVED!! your music since I heard :Heartboxing and Elephant shoes .Your songs, music dancers and band are beyond amazing. You are a true inspiration and a talented singer, I can't wait for your new realease, I'm so excited!.Love....Micaela

Love Jimmy Class Nevis | Reviewer: Dumazile Nkiwane rocks | 1/22/14

Jimmy hie, You rock man & I love the way you dress man, I wish you to collaborate with Toya Delazy 1day man. Keep on rock'n'rolling mate!! Please Please follow me back on Twitter & it will mean tha world its @dumazile_1992. Dankie in advance yo follow is out of thi small world to me!!

nevis , my true inspiration :) xox | Reviewer: Amaarah'Nevis ;) . | 1/8/14

Okay ;) , so I really like jimmy nevis when I say really I mean REALLY , I love him more than you could ever imagine , I was at one of his concerts & I have an autograph from him , omg he is so hot x :) he is soo inspirational , he inspires
I really don't want to write an essay of 200 - 250 words like in my exam paper .
PS : I wanna be in one of his music videos :) x
- ayy & I love you jimmy x

Jimmy rocks | Reviewer: Simba | 1/5/14

Soon after listening to heartboxing I immediately looked up Jimmy nevis on wikipedia and found nothing,no wikipedia page. At first I thought I made a typo and tried 3 more times still nothing then figured why not google him and to my shock I found out he's South African. In fact he's so good he's considered the south african Ed sheeran,I gotta disagree. Ed is the British version jimmy nevis. Keep up the good work man

S.A very own sensation | Reviewer: Simphiwe | 12/22/13

Haters may say what they like about you Jimmy but the fact is, you are good at what you do, at first too when i heard a song called Elephant shoes i thought its another debuting American artist, but to know it was a South African artist, i was surprised. I love and support your music, jimmy Nevis proudly South African awwwwww

Jimmy is da man!!! | Reviewer: Ab | 12/9/13

yoh! dats my description of ua track "balloon" , mean i personally thought u wer an international artist until this morning wen i decided 2 google u , boi dat track still resounds in my head, 'balloon featuring Kwesta, nicely done bra,,,thumbs up!!!

next world renouned artist | Reviewer: jasmine | 12/3/13

jimmy nevis is a legend in the making,his songs are new and fresh and gives a new feel fav song is balloons listen to it like everyday its awesome.doing S.A and C.P proud,keep us the hardwork and we got ur back bro!peez

awesome. | Reviewer: mkt chris | 11/15/13

Dude u r so owsome dnt listen to all those haters. Damn u jst the perfect upgrade SA music needs right now . Wow God bless you brother you are totaly goin far. Got much love for your music bro.

proclaim Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/13

Still waiting for the day you going to let the world know Jesus is Lord.You sang many times at our local church.Come on shout out loud after your last song Jesus is king!!!!!!!!!

Amazed by jimmy nevis and highly impressed!!! | Reviewer: Portia Pexie | 10/29/13

Wow dude I honstly thought u wer american or from sumwer oversees only until i saw yo collaboration with kwesta i googled you ans saw that u wer only born and raised in cape town right here in SA shame u do good music one culd swear its american its good to know dat we have such great talent in south africa ur Pexie