Jimmy Eat World Lyrics

"Not asking of me anything, saying nothing about what it
means, without anybody telling me what I should feel..." -
"Table for Glasses"

There is no substitute for knowing exactly why you like a
piece of art, in any medium, and having come to the
realization by your own effort and experience. Jimmy Eat
World is a band whose only agenda is to let the listener
decide for themselves without pretense.

Jimmy Eat World was formed in February 1994 in Mesa,
Arizona. After releasing a handful of 7" singles, split
records, and a self-titled More...

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Review about Jimmy Eat World songs
Song meaning | Reviewer: Tim
    ------ About the song Sweetness performed by Jimmy Eat World

I doubt anyone visits this page anymore. Just thought I would share with you the meaning of this songs lyrics. It's about cocaine, and how it makes the artist feel. Hence, the sweet and simple numbing me, coming unwound etc.. This is a perfect description of the effects of cocaine! Nothing go new here. The entertainment industry is naturally saturated with heavy drug influence of all sorts. Cocaine isn't a bad one if u look at heroine abuse.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Alejandroe84
    ------ About the song Over performed by Jimmy Eat World

What a beautiful song. This song to me represents being in an empty and loveless relationship. This person is not emotional attached anymore. What a sad song. Its beautiful, don't get me wrong - but this is reality. Love is hard, love is a choice and love is something in which can go in moments. This song can really make you think, just imagine...

The importance of it. | Reviewer: Amber Smith
    ------ About the song Pain performed by Jimmy Eat World

The importance of this song is saying that you've never like you have in a long time. His worries show in his face and anyone can find a cure for it. He says it takes his pain away but it doesn't, its a lie. It bothers him and he tries to make it not, but it does. He walked away from, he sees what is wrong with him cause it shows. He tries to not let it bother him, but it does. I like this song, simply because the lyrics have details and a meaning towards it.

May angels lead you in.... | Reviewer: James Hedrick
    ------ About the song Hear You Me performed by Jimmy Eat World

..there are a few songs that nail it perfectly in their simplicity. THIS is one of them. I struggled with substance abuse issues all through my life...and it broke my mom's heart again & again. Tho I tried unsuccessfully to find my solace in church,I fell away time and again. Wound up getting strung out again,and was unaware my mom was literally weeks away from her death after 10 months of aggressive chemotherapy to fight her recently diagnosed cancer. Still reeling from her death 6 months ago..and tears are falling rt now as I heard this tune for the 1st time...sitting here alone in NYC...just utterly lost and heartbroken.

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song May Angels Lead You In performed by Jimmy Eat World

my father works on ship and there's a great danger of it sinking or pirates so every time I hear this song I remember my dad and cry especially the part " what. would you think of me now so lucky , so strong , so proud "

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Middle performed by Jimmy Eat World

Great song, really gave me hope when I first heard it. For some reason this comment page has turned into a spelling war. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes. But then there are some people who 'hav 2 spl lik dis all da time!' which I really dislike. All the people on this page who thinks 'I know how to use the word gauntlet so I'm amazing!' - seriously childish. I'm also willing to bet I'm half your age! ( Unless you're like 10 or something) Great song thoygh. It's ironic how people say 'don't care about what others say' then moan about spelling. Seriously guys?

Forever Young | Reviewer: Mike B
    ------ About the song Hear You Me performed by Jimmy Eat World

On April 29,2002 my 19 year old son passed away, after losing his battle with a rare autoamune cond. He fought for 11 days in the intensive care unit. At one point I counted 21 tubes. He had to be put into an induced coma.When he was in the emergency room and all these people were working on him yelling instructions, he calmly looked at them and said "May I voice an opinion" those were the last words he ever spoke.
He was a big fan of Jimmy Eat World, I used to hear the song being played. Who would have thought I would have it played at his funeral. God bless to all those who have played it under mournful conditions.....

cheating | Reviewer: the kid
    ------ About the song Night Drive performed by Jimmy Eat World

It's not about rape or drugs. It's about CHEATING!

They are having sex in a car, because they can't have sex at either one's house.

"It'd be easy if you get mad
But three fingers point back to you"

- she wants to blame him for the affair but she is just as guilty. People, it's so obvious!

"I set my watch by a street-side clock
A needle in echo groove"

- They both have to get home to their significant others.

I feel like anyone who's ever cheated has had these feelings. It's bad, you know it, you don't care.

I miss you | Reviewer: sadness
    ------ About the song Hear You Me performed by Jimmy Eat World

On july 18th will be aniversary. It will be 6 years since my dad passed away. This song reminds me of him. And no matter where I go, I know that he will be always with me. I love you dad and we miss you.

And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
God wouldn't let it live.

Reminds me of it all... | Reviewer: Mickey
    ------ About the song The Middle performed by Jimmy Eat World

I really love this song, and whenever I hear it, it reminds me of how I moved on with my life, a little by little. I used to be bullied and didn't have any friends, plus I had a very VERY violent dad, and I walked around as an empty shade who didn't trust anyone and didn't show any emotions. But when I got to a new school, everything started to change, and as it says in the song; "it just takes some time, everything will be just fine, and everything will be alright." And it's true - everything do get better. Even for me. Though 16 years of my life was being soiled by violence, solitude and bullying, I realized that there was nothign wrong with me. I was just like everybody else and I became the happy-go-lucky 18 year old girl I am today. And this song really reminds me of all the hardships I've overcome and that everything gets better with time! And I don't even give a shit about other people's opinions of me anymore! This song really says so much!

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