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Shyne Jimmy Choo Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2007 12:00:00 PM

Huh, Murder Inc

Oooooh Yeahhhh. hooo hooo hooo hooo... hooo yeahhh

Alright, turn the beat up
I see you

I see ya Ma
In ya 1000 dollar weave, masterpiece
diamond face on ya sleeve, Pell Ma Nay
Waist petite, Alright!
Jimmy Choo shoes on ya feet, fit you right
Slide in the side the spida
I know you tired of guys that try to lie to slide inside ya
Forget about that, lets go
Forget about rap, I'm Po
I mean really I been gettin money since niggas is rappin frontin
fast and shit
Cause you look like you got ya head right
I just hope that you can give head right
Racin through eggshell headlights
New York is mine relax ya mind

[Hook: Ashanti]
Ha Ha Haaa Haa
Can't nobody
Do them things we do
Can't nobody
Touch me like you do
Can't nobody
love me like you do
Can't nobody
Be like me and you

This is me
im mostly respected, uh
Ring down to the necklace, uh uh
Some hoes say I'm sexist
Cause all I wanna do is stuff coke in their dresses
Sit back with stacks, count money In the zone, pull the thong
Like bitch come on, uh
I need a Prada chick to take this dick and take this brick and bake this shit;
Basic shit
We can go shoppin and buy some things
up in Harry Winston ma try some rings
I have you feelin like you was Princess Di
So much cuts on your wrist Think you try suicide
No lie you ain't heard
extensive trips
Expensive whips
you ain't see nothing like this not in ya life
if I ain't that nigga shit we look alike


Who gon cop them hoes?
Who gon rock them gloves?
Who gon pop them fours?
Well I'm glad you know
You don't need to ask who hotter
You notta, me lava Shyne wayne you gotta
See you niggas in hell
lets prevail
Feds on the tail
Just post bail
Million cash
Now you know that ain't rappin pimpin
Please believe that
its how you smoke like his
chest when I clap 'em up
that ain't enough, then back 'em up
Niggaz talking real greasy on them rap records
Like I wont strip ya naked and take ya necklace
Give it to my soldiers like, 'Hold this'
Fuck you nigga, you can never fold this
But anyway, to my bitches let's play
One CPW come through
I like girls, I like girls that like girls that like furs, okay

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