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Jimmy Buffett Biography

Last updated: 04/18/2012 12:00:00 PM

Jimmy Buffett has certainly built himself an empire of music, books, videos, nightclubs and clothing lines, but it is his yearly concert tour that consistently lands Buffett on the Fortune magazine's list of highest earning entertainers.

Jimmy William Buffett was born December 25, 1946, in the Jackson County Memorial Hospital near Pascagoula, Mississippi, to parents James D. Buffett Jr. and Mary Loraine Buffett. The Buffett family soon moved to Mobile, Alabama, where Jimmy's father worked at the Alabama Dry Docks and Shipyard.

There is no question that Jimmy's childhood was influenced by ships and the lure of the ocean. In addition to his father's sea related occupation, Jimmy's grandfather, James Buffett Sr., captained his own ship, the Chicamauga, throughout the oceans of the World. The stories told by grandfather to grandson certainly inspired the songwriter, and these stories are easily recognized as themes and values throughout many of Jimmy's musical works.