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I was stationed in Germany in the 60's when Jim Reeves, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare and the Anita Kerr singers toured the military bases. Now, Jim Reeves had won country music entertainer of the year and was riding high in popularity around the world. However, Bobby Bare was also extremely popular, especially with the younger crowd.

If I remember correctly, the order of appearance on stage was the Anita Kerr singers, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare, Jim Reeves. Being considered the star of the show, he performed last.

The night before they performed at my post (Ray barracks, Frieberg) I think they were at the club in Hanau, east of Frankfurt. When Bobby Bare finished his 'gig' and introduced Jim Reeves, the troops were so taken with Bare, they actually boo'd Jim Reeves. They wanted more of Bobby Bare.

Rumor is; Jim Reeves said something like "I won't play for animals like you" and walked off stage. Who could blame him. After being elected entertainer of the year and then have to endure such indigneties.

The next night, at Ray Barracks, you could sense the tention among the group. Everyone performed and when Jim was introduced, he received an outstanding ovation. However, when he begin to perform one of his hit songs, asked the Anita Kerr singers to back him up (they were backup singers on most of his hit recordings) he glanced back stage and then told the audiance "Guess not". They refused to sing with him.

There was a rumor that the Commanding General of the 7th Army nearly cancelled the remainder of the tour, but reconsidered.

The story I've relayed is based on facts as I remember them. This was in late 1963 or early 1964. I remember Jim Reeves died about 6 or 8 months later.

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jim reeves | Reviewer: siamia | 6/6/14

His music made me cry as I thought abt heaven and my soul.
Then I read with sadness the struggle over his royalties.
He sang in clubs but could he sing gospel songs with such spirit if the Holy Spirit didn't live in him?
I hope he's in heaven.

Jim Reeves. Talented Musician | Reviewer: Mary | 3/9/14

I'd rather have Jesus, This world is not my home, Never grow old, Across the bridge, A beautiful life and others. Songs that are sermons, that makes one to think beyond. I love to listen and sing Jim Reeves song.

Havenly voice | Reviewer: Dr. B. M. Sahay | 3/5/14

In 1964 I was young when he was called back to Lord. An angelic voice from heaven, as fresh today as it was in 1950s and after. This world is not my home seems to have descended from those heavenly heights. So well known then, must be kept alive by radio stations and T V networks all over the world to keep humanity on the right track. May God bless his remembrance. So sorry that he went away so soon. We might have had more numbers like Precious Lord.

The unforgettable voice of Jim Reeves | Reviewer: Francis Kintu | 12/12/13

I was born after his death in 1964 - and throughout the years i discovered that his death actually increased his popularity. My Dad was an avid fanatic of his music, as well as a couple of my aunties.

He has a huge following in many African countries,and his music really caught the imagination of millions of people.It is worth noting that he literally outshone Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and other Western luminaries with respect to his popularity in Africa.

To this day, Jim Reeves' music still sells well in music shops, which is a testimony to timeless quality of his voice.

Across the Bridge & This world is not my home | Reviewer: Daniel Lawrence | 12/11/13

Jim Reeves songs are touching and inspiring the though of heaven into the mine of Christians / Believers. One can be a christian but not a believer. The Bible makes it clear that NOT everyone that says Lord! Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of God. So believers should stop thinking negative about those who have gone beyond the blues.

WHERE IS JIM REEVES SOUL? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/13

I listened to,TAKE MY HAND,ACCROSS THE BRIDGE,WETHANK THEE,NEVER GROW OLD,I'LL FLY AWAY and thought that Jim Reeves was a comitted christian but when i read his biography i was dis appointed that he was a club personality.i thoght he was a man of God.but i wish that biography is wrong.as a devoted christian myself i thought he was a kind of John wesley.because he sang so much about heaven.I pray he should be there.(in heaven) But now i can't realy make him a model because his life seem to contradict his music if the biography online is anything to go by.

i want to know about the Christian life of Jim reeves | Reviewer: oladipo bolaji | 4/19/13

please, was country music a music sang in the club or was ir for Christians then. I want to know if Jim reeves was a Christian before he started singing or he got converted while singing

Your the only good thing that happened to me | Reviewer: Richie Dick | 3/29/13

I remember the day that Jim died, I will never forget his great voice and the times I used to sing his songs to my wife in our car journeys. You will be greatly missed but singing now for the angels in heaven.

Beautiful Life | Reviewer: Chukwuemerie Okoli | 1/31/13

I love Jim's songs very much! They mostly remind me that my life on earth will one day come to an end. Only God knows why Jim would die at such a young age of 46. God be with you Jim till we meet in Heaven.

Kelvin W Carter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/12

I so much love Reeves tracks. Whenever am sick and listen to his songs especialy (IT IS NO SECRETE WHAT GOD CAN DO) i always get healed. This world is not my home. one day i will fly away across the bridge perhaps i will see REEVES.

I Will fly away. | Reviewer: Samuel | 1/13/12

I can not stop listening to this gifted person of God. You songs has changed my all life and now working on my salvation bkz I know dat one day I will also fly away. I always feel heaven in me when listening to him. Hope we meet to Heaven.
Am from Rwanda and this man Jim is well known here especially in gospel music.

Jim lives on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

Infact when i learnt jim was dead i was like why so soon, bt God knows best.Jim the lyrics of ur songs, especially (i'll fly away) remains evergreen in our hearts.Till we meet in the bossom of our lord. Bye for now.

a rear gem | Reviewer: momoh festus | 10/21/11

the very first time i listened to jim reeves' song 'thank you', i was like say 'wow this man is good'. That very day i browsed on my phone to know more about him. I learnt he died in a plane crash. I wish he had lived longer.

The Blizzard | Reviewer: Wild Bill | 7/5/11

Its been some years since Jim died, i have listened to his music off and on for many years, and at one time had several almbums really wish he had lived longer,i'm sure he would've given us a lot more wonderful music,we've lost so many of our great talented country and western musicians and its sad.

Am i that easy to forget | Reviewer: Nommy Msibi | 5/1/11

Wow! I dnt know where can I start with this song,but to each & everyone of us who is encountering problems of losing the love u hav its so comforting.it makes one accept the situation and have a will to move on.

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