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Jim Reeves Biography

Last updated: 06/06/2014 08:19:24 AM

I was stationed in Germany in the 60's when Jim Reeves, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare and the Anita Kerr singers toured the military bases. Now, Jim Reeves had won country music entertainer of the year and was riding high in popularity around the world. However, Bobby Bare was also extremely popular, especially with the younger crowd.

If I remember correctly, the order of appearance on stage was the Anita Kerr singers, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare, Jim Reeves. Being considered the star of the show, he performed last.

The night before they performed at my post (Ray barracks, Frieberg) I think they were at the club in Hanau, east of Frankfurt. When Bobby Bare finished his 'gig' and introduced Jim Reeves, the troops were so taken with Bare, they actually boo'd Jim Reeves. They wanted more of Bobby Bare.

Rumor is; Jim Reeves said something like "I won't play for animals like you" and walked off stage. Who could blame him. After being elected entertainer of the year and then have to endure such indigneties.

The next night, at Ray Barracks, you could sense the tention among the group. Everyone performed and when Jim was introduced, he received an outstanding ovation. However, when he begin to perform one of his hit songs, asked the Anita Kerr singers to back him up (they were backup singers on most of his hit recordings) he glanced back stage and then told the audiance "Guess not". They refused to sing with him.

There was a rumor that the Commanding General of the 7th Army nearly cancelled the remainder of the tour, but reconsidered.

The story I've relayed is based on facts as I remember them. This was in late 1963 or early 1964. I remember Jim Reeves died about 6 or 8 months later.

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