Jhene Albums

  • Souled Out Album (9/9/2014)
    Limbo Limbo Limbo
    To Love And Die
    Spotless Mind
    It's Cool
    Lyin King
    The Pressure
    Eternal Sunshine
    Pretty Bird (Freestyle)
    Bonus Tracks
    Blue Dream
    Beautiful Ruin

  • Sail Out Album (11/11/2013)
    The Vapors
    Bed Peace
    Stay Ready
    The Worst
    3:16 AM
    Comfort In Ending

  • Sailing Soul(s) Album (5/1/2011)
    July (Summertime)
    My Mine
    Real Now
    Sailing Not Selling
    Do Better Blues
    You Vs. Them
    Space Jam
    Growing Apart Too

  • My Name Is Jhene Album (3/16/2004)
    My Name Is Jhene (Interlude)
    No L.O.V.E.
    Gonna Love You Anyway
    Down For You (Part 2)
    Wanna Be
    Promise Ring
    You Don't Know Me
    Make Believe

  • Jhene Album (11/1/2002)

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    Reviews about Jhene albums
    sailing souls | Reviewer: carlin
        ------ About the album Sailing Soul(s) performed by Jhene

    Jhene aiko a outstanding artist she has her way to move you through her music not only is she talented but beautiful too I'll obsessed with aiko I simply adore and love her music a mother of 26 its just amazing thumbs up for her

    Sailing Souls | Reviewer: Ariane
        ------ About the album Sailing Soul(s) performed by Jhene

    I promise you this whole album is worth it. she's the first actual artist that i will listen to the whole album and not dislike one song. i love them all and even her wonderful voice.

    Perfection | Reviewer: Bre'Anna
        ------ About the album Sailing Soul(s) performed by Jhene

    I absolutely adore Jhene and her music. It's so real and it has to much depth it's ridiculous! I feel like she found my diary and wrote music based on it, her music is just that relateable. I really hope I meet her one day so I can thank her.

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