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Jhene Biography

Last updated: 10/23/2007 12:00:00 PM

Born in Los Angeles, the world of music is no stranger to Jhene. She is one of five children, two brothers and two sisters, each in their own right musically inclined. Their father, a physician, also had a love for singing and built a studio in their home so all could pursue their musical interest. Their mother co-manages the careers of her talented extraordinary children. In addition to her immediate musical family, she is cousin to “Lil Fizz,” a member of Epic Recording artists B2K - one of the most exciting groups to hit the country.

Jhene’s mother discovered that she had a talent for writing songs before she could actually write. Her mother recounts that Jhene was 3 years old when she first asked her mother to write down rhymes for her! Her love of writing has not diminished; she continues to write both music and poems and is currently writing songs for her debut album.

If asked who her favorite singers are, she will quickly tell you her sisters-- “That’s who I listen to every day!” However, she also admits to listening to Brandy at least 4-5 times a day, followed by B2K, Usher and India Arie.

This petite size-one will wow you over with her high level of sophistication and bubbling personality. She is multi-talented and is involved in all aspects of her career from the music to choosing her outfits. In addition to recording, she also loves to draw and has a keen interest in sports and water activities.

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