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Born in Los Angeles, the world of music is no stranger to Jhene. She is one of five children, two brothers and two sisters, each in their own right musically inclined. Their father, a physician, also had a love for singing and built a studio in their home so all could pursue their musical interest. Their mother co-manages the careers of her talented extraordinary children. In addition to her immediate musical family, she is cousin to “Lil Fizz,” a member of Epic Recording artists B2K - one of the most exciting groups to hit the country.

Jhene’s mother discovered that she had a talent for writing songs before she could actually write. Her mother recounts that Jhene was 3 years old when she first asked her mother to write down rhymes for her! Her love of writing has not diminished; she continues to write both music and poems and is currently writing songs for her debut album.

If asked who her favorite singers are, she will quickly tell you her sisters-- “That’s who I listen to every day!” However, she also admits to listening to Brandy at least 4-5 times a day, followed by B2K, Usher and India Arie.

This petite size-one will wow you over with her high level of sophistication and bubbling personality. She is multi-talented and is involved in all aspects of her career from the music to choosing her outfits. In addition to recording, she also loves to draw and has a keen interest in sports and water activities.

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Jhene' | Reviewer: She'y | 10/22/2007

Jhene' has an amazing voice when she sings. Alot of people are comparing me to her singing wise. I wish her the best of luck in her career. I love her songs "Gonna love you anwyay", Pain and Right here!

Hii =) | Reviewer: Tania | 10/13/2007

I discoverd this girl when i've watch the film you got served ( street dancers in france).
I really like her songs !
isn't cool that she ain't famous in france :(
so i wanna know more things bout her !

Kiss kiss

Tania, a french :)

Jhene Recently Turned 19 | Reviewer: http://jhene.one-breath.org/lounge/index.php | 3/26/2007

Jhene just had her 19th birthday on March 16th 2007.She's currently in a relationship with the young talent singer, & who's also Omarion's cousin, O'ryan. She's working with a band with her boyfriend and Audrey, but she's also doing her solo music too.

http://jhene.soelite.com/ | Reviewer: http://jhene.soelite.com/ | 2/17/2007

Born on March 16, 1988 in Inglewood, California. She in now 18. Her parent's are Tina Chilombo and Antonio Chilombo. She is of African American, Japanese and Native Americans descent. She has five siblings: Miyoko (sister), Jamila (sister), Miyagi (brother) Jahi (brother) and Kareena (sister).

My Name Is Jhene

After several collaborations, Jhene finally released her debut single in 2003. The single, called No L.O.V.E. was produced by Kay Gee and was originally released a year before by Kay Gee's group Tha' Rayne. Jhene's single didn't receive the attention expected by her label who once more delayed and then cancelled the release of her long-awaited debut album.

It's About Time

Jhene is currently back in the studio preparing for her debut album, It's About Time, which includes collaborations with her sister Mila J, Omarion, Cory Bold and The Underdogs. Four new tracks from the album recently leaked on the internet, "Pain", "Wait No More", "Real Thing" and an untitled track. Jhene also recorded a song, "How It's Done", for the Sabrina Bryan Workout DVD.


Jhene is the cousin of former B2K member Lil' Fizz.

Her second older sister Jamila is also the new and upcoming artist Mila J.

Jhene can sing in the fifth octave but not having a five octave range.

Jhene is currently dating O'Ryan the younger brother of the R&B singer Omarion

Jhene was featured on two major movie soundtracks: "You Got Served" and "Barbershop".

Jhene makes cameos in numerous videos including O'ryan's debut video, "Take It Slow", B2K's debut video "Uh Huh" and Play's "M.AS.T.E.R (Part 2)" featuring Lil Fizz video.

Her favorite food is Bar-B-Que wings; Her favorite drink is Snapple

She does NOT wear weave

Her favorite color is pink

She's modeled

She was featured on the Santa Hooked Me Up album for B2K

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