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Iron & Wine Jezebel Lyrics

Last updated: 09/11/2013 08:46:48 AM

who's seen jezebel?
she was born to be the woman i would know
and hold like the breeze
half as tight as both our eyes closed

who's seen jezebel?
she went walking where the cedars line the road
her blouse on the ground
where the dogs were hungry, roaming

saying, "wait, we swear
we'll love you more and holy
jezebel, it's we, we that you are for

who's seen jezebel?
she was born to be the woman we could blame
make me a beast half as brave
i'd be the same

who's seen jezebel?
she was gone before i ever got to say
"lay here my love
you're the only shape i'll pray to, jezebel"

who's seen jezebel?
will the mountain last as long as i can wait
wait like the dawn
how it aches to meet the day

who's seen jezebel?
she was certainly the spark for all i've done
the window was wide
she could see the dogs come running

saying, "wait, we swear
we'll love you more and holy
jezebel, it's we, we that you are for

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My interpretation | Reviewer: John | 9/11/13

A song's meaning can only be speculated unless you ask the one who wrote it. Just because her name is jezebel doesn't mean it is a biblical reference unless that is part of your interpretation. I want to know what a song MEANS to you not what you think it actually is. Understand?

This is what "Jezebel" means to me.

Jezebel Love of Your Life who you have not met yet. Since you two are meant for eachother, she lives either being chased by dogs (other guys) or walking alone (possibly where cedars line the road) until she finds you. She is an inspiration and source of suffering.

Really people?! You think she's prostitute!? Would you really wait for a mountain crumble for a prostitute? If your aching for a prostitute then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself...


the patriarch and the goddess | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/13

jezebel in her own way represents the divine femine, the earth mother. she was representative of isis or astarte, or ishtar, the goddess. she was used by the dogmatic pious patriarch to further there agenda. we were made for her, and made to know her, but have been tricked into betraying her, like beasts we left her to the wolves. she saw it coming though, thus why she is brave, and beautiful, and prettily attired at her death. she just wanted us to love her, and understand her and we've betrayed her. the metaphor rings true all the way through.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: TE | 2/20/12

My interpretation is this...

I think Jezebel was picked because of its biblical relation, however it doesn't recount the true strong, which is why he asks "Who's seen Jezebel?"

Looking more into it, I think it's about the women who we've blamed without even knowing them, or seeing the true person. Basically, stop being judgemental and realize that you do "wrong" too.
"who's seen jezebel? she was born to be the woman we could blame
make me a beast half as brave i'd be the same."

This is looking at it through a feminists eyes. Any other possible feminist perspectives of this song?

Im Not So Biblical | Reviewer: Cesar | 7/24/10

"make me a beast half as brave ide be the same" with no general knowledge of the biblical story, I'd have to say this one line solves it. If you just think about life as it is now... its about falling in love with woman who can not be tied down and instead calling a her a "harlot" like Jezebel . he see's that if he was as beautiful as her and half as brave as she is, for not falling in love, he would do the same. His love for her is so strong he cant let her go like the "dogs" aka men that use her for her lust for monogamist romance. If only she knew Love.

Jezebel as Metaphor | Reviewer: Denrod | 6/7/10

Truly, this song references the Biblical Jezebel, for all her wrongdoing, sinfulness, and religious rhetoric... However, this song, in my humble opinion, refers to the "Jezebels" of our time, those women who use their sexuality to manipulate others into doing their bidding...
Yet, a closer look at the lyrics would suggest that there is pity -- not hatred -- for the "Jezebels" in the world. "It is we, we that you are for, only" is just one phrase to suggest this. This tune is a lament for women who use their bodies to get what they want. "Who's seen Jezebel" is a line that states that we have all seen our own Jezebel, in our own time and place.. In the end, the "dogs" are the people who manipulated said "Jezebel" to serve their own purpose. Imagine a pimp and his "ho," if you will. This song, in my opinion, is a tragic tribute to women.

what's missing? | Reviewer: david | 5/28/10

all the reviews that just tell the biblical story in deep detail miss the main idea of the song. what did the artist want to convey by telling this story?

personally i think the song is about betrayal, just like the story was, and that the mood of the song is meant to convey the twisted reality behind a story you've known your entire life without second thought. it is meant to challenge the listener; to make them question the moral implications behind murder in the name of god. who was the true betrayer? jezebel to god, or those who supposedly worshipped her with love, but upon persecution showed her none. who "threw her to the dogs"

Interpretation | Reviewer: N/A | 5/6/10

I'm sick of people trying to tell us all what each stanza 'means.' Things like "the chorus is certainly about them eating her." and "This is actually..." show me just how ignorant you are. Perhaps the song IS about what you are telling us it is, but the song has a personal meaning to some people and is better left to the individuals interpretation. The only person who REALLY knows what the song is about is the one who wrote it, the rest is just speculation. Speculation that happens to pick apart any emotion meaning behind the song and make it considerably less powerful. So, if you want to try to pick apart the song, how about you start a forum for it and link us there if we want to read about it? I'd much rather read about what this song means to someone than read about what this song means. I don't like having other peoples ideas of what it should be crammed in my face and I don't think many other people do either. Agreed?

* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/09

This is actually a rather deep song referencing "Jezebel" as a cultural symbol.

The most popular story of Jezebel comes from both Hebrew scripture and the Bible. Jezebel is traditionally viewed as a villainous woman who turns her husband and the Hebrews away from Yahweh in favor of a pagan religion ("you're the only shape I'll pray to" refers to idolatry of their paganism). Acting in what favor of what is referred to as "divine revolution," Jehu convinces Jezebel's eunuchs to kill her by throwing her out the window and leave her to be devoured by dogs ("the window was wide, she could see the dogs come running" refers to her death).

Elsewhere in the Bible, Jezebel is the name of a prophetess who is accused of inducing others to commit acts against the church. Because of these stories, "Jezebel" refers to a villainous woman. It is only in recent feminist and secular theory that both Jezebels have become symbols of blame for religious and sexist movements ("she was born to be the woman we could blame" refers to this in the case of both women).

Woman King - Look in Kings 1 &2 | Reviewer: mammapalooza | 6/29/09

The song seems to be about the biblical Jezebel in Kings. Jezebel is the Phoenician queen of ancient Israel.Jezebel asks her eunuchs kill the queen mother by throwing her out of a window. They comply, tossing her out of the window and leaving her in the street to be eaten by dogs. Only Jezebel's skull, feet, and hands remained.

Not really, more of a classic case. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

I couldn't understand why I fell in love with this song, why I fell in love with Jezebel, until I actually read these lyrics. This story isn't about an independent, autonomous woman. It's about a girl so insecure with her self-idenitity she feels uncomfortable with a loving relationship. It's really a classic case of the Nice Guy. Always witnessing the falls of his beloved, when beside her he stands. She isn't aware, or isn't comfortable with, the nice guy- who she knows will treat her right. She'd rather be with the "dogs". And yet the guy waits for the day she realizes he's been there for her all this time. Through all her mistakes, he still remains.

It's all in the lyrics.

My take | Reviewer: Kt | 5/25/09

When I heard this song I felt like "jezebel, it's we, we that you are for only" and "she was born to be the woman we could blame" - was set in an ironic tone, emphasising the twisted and selfish view of man. Here is a woman who is free and independent and beautiful - and for that she is deemed by society to be a "whore" She is thought of as an object of desire, she is thought of as something to be had, to be devoured. I think the writter too see's her in the same way, but also see's her objectification, and is expressing the saddness that this beautiful person being objectified and used. Worshiped, but wholly being thought of as less than an autonomous human.

My view. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/09

I think what the song is saying is that Jezebel was a whore sort of woman and she kept running off and doing things she thought she "needed" to do. She wouldn't stay in one place and get to know one man. One of the men she found loved her for who she was. He found a connection to her that no one else could see, and he loved it. Of course, she couldn't stay with him, because the had the idea she had to leave and find another man. He wanted her to stay.
I think the dogs represent the men chasing after her. They were hungry for her because she was I guess this hot, young woman who only wanted one thing. They were trying to tell her lies in saying they'll love her more, when really they won't.
The other man who loves her wants her to see what she could be with him, but she the "dogs" keep telling her otherwise, so she stays with her old ways.
This is just what I get out of the song. It might be totally wrong from what it really means. It makes sense to me, anyways.

unacceptable woman | Reviewer: femme | 3/4/09

I don't really think he was insulting her...

what I hear is a song about an independent woman...which (until recently) was never accepted in society...he loves her and wants her to stay close but she goes as she pleases. even today it takes a brave woman to be as such...

in the end she has to pay for what are seen to be her "sins" ( the morals of men, independence ), in modern terms...the dogs came for in the bible, sure...because we can't accept her as she is...and in the end, the man in this song can't hold on to her.

there's so much you could go into here.

beautiful song, and sad.

dogs | Reviewer: jess | 11/28/08

its def a love song useing the story of the biblical woman who was notorious for being rebellious and known as a harlot. i agree its based on the symbol of her life and death and that we all were meant to know her. the dogs singing "wait" are the people(us)(and him) who use the story, know the story, and who were meant to hear the story about her being a harlot symbol.and it takes alot to carry that trophy. "make me a beast half as brave ide be the same" she could see the dogs out the window that she fell out of. later the dogs licked her blood. i guess u could say like the people who use her as a symbol of a whore, kindve like drinking her blood, eating her up.we love her as the evil character but we devour her at the same time. he calls her jezebel(whore) pretty much insulting her,but he looks past that symbol, and hes worships her.

What I hear... | Reviewer: Azlin | 11/10/08

When I listen to this song about Jezebel I hear a story of a woman born to be a harlot. Jezebel remains the symbol of adultry in christianity, at least colloquially, to this day - to call someone a jezebel is to call them a whore.

But somebody's got to be the whore. Isn't that the crux of faith taught by stories? Someone has to be the one to set the bad example and this time it was her. "You were born to be the one that we could blame." She was created to take this role.

But someone loved her. The song tells you so. Someone sees her as she is - born to play a role, and sees themself as conected to her regardless. "...born to be a woman I would know. ...hold tight like the were gone before I ever got to say, lay here my love you're the only shape I'll pray to."

She's eaten by dogs, the people swear they'll love her more. They say she's only here for them, and they're right. She was here to be an example - here to be loved for her sins. We hold her so high because she was first to fall, we'll love all of you "wholly" in retrospect. You are "holy" to us now for teaching us about the darkness.