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H-Town Jezebel Lyrics

Last updated: 07/26/2012 05:08:25 PM

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[Dino Sings:]

[Verse 1:]
Searching for us a Heaven,
Catching HELL on Earth,
Trying to find someone to love her,
The lust in me stand up,
Now you searching from another,
now she got a baby,
Trying to support child and keep her head
above the water,
Turned to the system,
the system turned her away,
Now the girl is afraid of dying or catching H.I.V.,
but what is she to do from the prostituting,
Gotta support the child to keep it up on my part,

It's a lonely night, (tryna find the mornin')
In a cold cold world, (just to have her kid lonely)
It's a lonely night, (tryna find yourself)
In this manly world, (now baby)
Girl keep your head up, (mmmmhmmm)
It's a lonely night, (tryna find the mornin')
In a cold cold world, (to have her kid and want it)
It's a lonely night, (tryna find yourself ef)
In this manly world, (baby hey hey hey yeah)
Girl keep your head up.

[Verse 2:]
Starting to make some money from the prostitution
had another baby baby,
Don't know what to do,

[Shazam comes in:]
Now the load is heavy,
Wit the damn drugs on your back,
A quick high,
but now it's gone,
Started looking bad (bad),
From the drugs you choose (use),
Now you want to take it like payback,
but girl keep your head up baby up baby
Wooooo Oooooo Oooooooo (Whooooa Ohh oh oh ohhh)

It's a lonely night, (Baby baby baby baby baby babyyyy)
In a cold cold world, (Oooooo whoa oh ohhh)
It's a lonely night, (Yay ye yeah yeah)
In this manly world, (World yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Ohhhh I no it is baby,
tryna make it in this world,
It's hard on ya,
Listen sayyy
Ohhhh I I I I I I I Whoa I I I I I I I I I I I
Yeahhhh whoa whoa whoa ohhh
Sing it sayyy

It's a lonely night, (It's a lonely lonely lonely night)
In a cold cold world, (In a cold cold world yeahhh)
It's a lonely night, (Jezebel keep your head up)
In this manly world, (Come' mon listen while you still got yourself come' mon)
Girl keep your head up

Baby please don't run away (Oohhhh)
Girl all I just want to say (Yeah yeah yeah) is you can do it (do it)
You can do it,
You can do whatever if you really wanna do it (Listen say)
Girls I know you struggling, (To be a stronger woman)
You just can't believe, (or rather not seeing)
Girl just want to say, (do keep in mind that you can do it, you can do it, you can do it)
In time (Time, Yeah)
(Whoaaaa Oh oh oh oh ho).

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