Jewel Lyrics

FORMED: May 23, 1974

Early Roots

Jewel was born on May 23, 1974 to Atz Kilcher and Lenedra
Carroll in Payson, Utah, but the family soon moved to
Anchorage, Alaska. Jewel’s name stems from Lenedra, whose
middle name is Jewel, and from her Grandfather, Yule
(spelled "Juel" in his homeland), a Swiss native who
settled in Homer, Alaska in 1940.

Homegrown Talents

Jewel first discovered her singing and writing gifts at
home, where Lenedra involved Jewel and her two brothers,
Shane and Atz Lee, in "creativity More...

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Review about Jewel songs
Challenged to be kind | Reviewer: Persuaded Stephen
    ------ About the song Hands performed by Jewel

This song is really great, i'm not an emotional person, but I did cry when I heard d song and thought about how great rachel's dreams were. I think she would had done great dan many of us dat r alife. But God knws y He let her leave our world, I pray we knw d reason. Great song Jewel.

relateful song!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: ziel
    ------ About the song You Were Meant For Me performed by Jewel

the first time i encountered this song was last night(it was sang by a contestant in the singing contest "THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES"..the way she sang it is very good and i could relate it. this song is really relateful!!!! We sometimes feel that the person in front of us is the one who was meant for us but sometimes it's not.... we should move on cause God is still writing our love story!!!!

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hands performed by Jewel

Hands is easily the most inspirational song I've ever heard. Hands makes me
Want to do good to this world, and become something with life. I cannot express the impact this song has on me. It molds me into who I want to be.

flower | Reviewer: R Philippines
    ------ About the song Flower performed by Jewel

Jewel has always been consistent with her lyrics. A true artist . She's truly one of the greatest artists of all time.

Now I understand | Reviewer: Jasper
    ------ About the song Foolish Games performed by Jewel

how my ex-girlfriend, the love of my life, felt when she looked at me with those eyes.
Just a few minutes ago, this song just came to mind.
It just started the music and I heard her sing:
And your thoughtless words are breaking my heart.
You're breaking my heart.

I miss Jewel | Reviewer: Penny
    ------ About the song Foolish Games performed by Jewel

I really miss the olf Jewel , when her music ment something and was full of old soul. Now shes justr kind of a sell out, which sucks because she was one of my favorite singers.She just doesn't make stuff liek this anymore.

its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mokrthon
    ------ About the song You Were Meant For Me performed by Jewel

jewel i love ur songs sooooooooooo much!!! soo many ppl are ur fans u probubly have more fans than ke$ha i meen i dont even like her , and if i dont like her no one likes her.soo with all my love bye love moana.krystal.thomas-onley.xxxxxxx

Great song | Reviewer: Shorty Mayne Mang
    ------ About the song You Were Meant For Me performed by Jewel

I must have been in 6th grade when this song dropped. I love this song because its inspiring. She broke up with her guy and is still moving on. She gets up and makes herself breakfast, picks up towels now. Shes improving herself BECAUSE of the breakup. Its still hard for her not to think about her guy, but shes still ok. It turns out its NOT the end of the world...

it makes me think | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You Were Meant For Me performed by Jewel

I have loved this song for awhile. It is an amazing but it reminds me of the guy i dated for two years, i really thought he was meant for me maybe love just takes patience sometimes and things will pan out soon. We've been broke up for a year now but i still love him with all my heart and could never forget him. He's young, dumb, and prideful to be in a steady relationship he gets scared like any normal guy gettin close to comittment. great song!

:( | Reviewer: chloe
    ------ About the song You Were Meant For Me performed by Jewel

my boyfriend just left for the summer and i can really relate to this song because ever since hes been gone i spend a lot of time alone. and i think about him and us a lot. i really likethe part where she says she feels half alive but mostly dead. haha. thats kind how i feel. i feel like i no longer have purpose and that i like no longer have feelings. its an awesome song! i love it!

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