Jewel Lyrics

FORMED: May 23, 1974

Early Roots

Jewel was born on May 23, 1974 to Atz Kilcher and Lenedra
Carroll in Payson, Utah, but the family soon moved to
Anchorage, Alaska. Jewel’s name stems from Lenedra, whose
middle name is Jewel, and from her Grandfather, Yule
(spelled "Juel" in his homeland), a Swiss native who
settled in Homer, Alaska in 1940.

Homegrown Talents

Jewel first discovered her singing and writing gifts at
home, where Lenedra involved Jewel and her two brothers,
Shane and Atz Lee, in "creativity More...

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Review about Jewel songs
still amazing. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Two Hearts Breaking performed by Jewel

Jewel is like fine wine, she's getting even better with time, and this song found on her greatest hits album is a proof of her talent. Two hearts breaking presents simple lyrics, but with a very tender performance, bringing lovers the feeling of unity in love, only as a couple we are a whole. Keep it up Jewel, i send you my best wishes.

funny song. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Ten performed by Jewel

It's amazing how Jewel can make a fight look humorous, everyone has stupid arguments at least a couple of times, we must learn to face it in best way possible. Ten is more than an advice for lovers or friends, it's an alert signal, when things get tough, don't forget to take it easy, make a joke, take a time to breathe, there is always a morning light after a period of darkness.

listen to it again and again. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Again And Again performed by Jewel

this song is very addictive, like the title says, it's a non-stop pleasure to enjoy such a beautiful and melodic declaration of love. Jewel's voice sounds so sweet and hot, that makes it impossible not to like it. She will always be my number one singer, i know hundreths of artists, but no one can compare with Jewel, she's the best.

i love you this way. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song This Way performed by Jewel

simply perfect as always, Jewel once again delights us fans with a beautiful melody, we can't get out of our head. This is a song i could listen all day long, it has a good vibe and it make us feel in heaven since the first second. I hope she'll always be this way, sharing with us good music and loving lyrics. Thanks sing365 for allowing me to make this review. Blessings.

i'm speechless. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Simple Gifts performed by Jewel

this is a beautiful old folk song that i love so much, it's like a prayer for our dreams to come true, it reminds me my childhood, when we were all happy and innocent. I wish one day i will find true love and joy in this life, and i have to thank Jewel for singing this song so amazingly. God bless you.

a piece of Jewel. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Goodbye Alice In Wonderland performed by Jewel

For me Jewel is by far the best singer in the world, in all her songs you can feel her soul in the lyrics, her voice is awesome, she's very dynamic too. Goodbye alice in wonderland is a truly work of art, a biographical ballad where Jewel shows her visions about finding ourselves in a life full of lies, it inspires us to look for things that really matter in our life. Thanks Jewel for sharing with us words of wisdom.

the answer is in me. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Down So Long performed by Jewel

one more of jewel's masterpieces, a pleasant soft sound that makes us meditate on what we must do in this life, only researching ourselves we may find the reason for our existence. God created us to seek growth, and sometimes growth comes in the hard way, but when you understand it, all start to make sense, maybe that is what make us human beings. Blessings.

that's what i call a role model | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Stronger Woman performed by Jewel

i'd wish every women knew this song, jewel always surprises me with her style, to be a stronger woman means to accept who you are, you need to be confident and never forget your roots, this way you are unique and when someone loves you, they will do it for what you are, it will be true and comfortable, god bless you for being authentic and share with us words of wisdom, we don't find people like this anymore.

love at first sight. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song Break Me performed by Jewel

break me was one of the first songs i heard by jewel, because of this song, i became a jewel fan, i was impressed since the begining of the melody, guitar sounds, a soft voice, and one of the deepest lyrics i've ever heard, i could feel jewel's soul in a way still unknown to me, from that time on i started to pay much more attention to the lyrics and poetry, jewel is like an angel living among us, she has the ability to hit us with wise words instead of weapons. We need more people like her on earth, may god bless you and your family. I'm Josiel from brazil, your biggest supporter.

if you don't risk it, you don't whisky it. | Reviewer: josiel
    ------ About the song I Do performed by Jewel

my favorite country song by jewel, the video is awesome too, it speaks about the way we feel under an important decision, sometimes we need to take courage to expose ourselves, in a marriage the couple must act as a team, even if we have different personalities, i like the video when two cars hit each other, it depicts how we feel when we are in love, it's hard, but when we trust in ourselves as a couple, the reward is priceless.

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