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Blur Jets Lyrics

Last updated: 12/24/2009 10:00:00 AM

Jets are like comets at sunset

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Damon Albarn is sexxx. | Reviewer: Reebz | 12/23/09

Very powerful. Love these lyrics. Nobody appreciates the simplicity that only a mere few words hold, and the depth of the meaning that goes along with it. I personally think that this one song can be misinterpretted as simple rubbish, when clearly to the elite it states the appreciation Damon and the boys hold for modern creations. Damon had always been very strong with the whole "Go Green" program because of his fondness of nature in itself. He states this in the song "Stop The Dams" by Gorillaz. The song talks about a project that has been going on in Iceland in which a wildlife preserve is being burnt down to make an aluminum foil manufacturing building.
In this song "Jets," he wishes to show the beauty of nature by comparing a modern creation, such as a jet, to a natural phenomenon.