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Five years and three albums since their inception, is where
we find Jets to Brazil at this moment. Having stepped out
of the long, tall shadow of being "a supergroup" and grown
into simply being "a band" -- a band that happens to be one
of the most cultishly adored in the American independent
underground. Now they present us with their masterwork-
Perfecting Loneliness - a beautiful record about,
ironically enough, failure."It's about a search for God,
search for love, and the failure to find both," explains
frontman Blake More...

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Review about Jets To Brazil songs
Missing you | Reviewer: Olanrewaju olaoye
    ------ About the song Perfecting Loneliness performed by Jets To Brazil

I always look forward to see you again and again, because i know that what we share is too precious once in a while in the quiet of my private moment. I always take shock of the various ways and time, how you always responded to my needs, showing deep concerns over everything that concerns me sharing positive aspiration with me and always giving words of encouragement. I feel like i should let you know that i never thought i love you until when i miss you. I miss you greatly that i will rather love you around me all the time. You means a lot to me.

Uh, no. | Reviewer: Nathan
    ------ About the song Sweet Avenue performed by Jets To Brazil

This song is not about a lover or "the mundane things in life," it's about smoking. Seriously. The "love affair" you can gather from the lyrics is the love affair between Schwarzenbach and smoking, and how hard of a time he's had quitting.

beautiful. | Reviewer: alexandra
    ------ About the song Sweet Avenue performed by Jets To Brazil

i think this song is beautiful. it's so honest and poetic and simple. it's this perfectly crafted account of a deeper-than-usual observation of the mundane things in life most people take for granted. he found someone who he loves, and that love has heightened all senses and made him truly appreciate the world just the way it is.

Who Am I? | Reviewer: RIGGZ
    ------ About the song Chinatown performed by Jets To Brazil

Lyrics give warmth to the toungeless searching for the perfect word
to describe what its like being lonely, a foreighner in a foreighn place,a
man walking in a strange worlds boots. CHINATOWN-

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sweet Avenue performed by Jets To Brazil

I love this song! It's so sweet and soft with great lyrics that make you wanna hug your lover. Haha! :)

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