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Everyone talks about rock these days, the problem is, they
forget about the roll. How Keith Richards- who made this
comment about post 90's rock music- must love Jet. They
rock like there's no tomorrow yet they also roll like the
greats of yesterday. As their debut album 'Get Born'
proves, this Melbourne four piece, Nic Cester
(guitar/vocals), Chris Cester (drums/vocals), Cameron
Muncey (guitar/vocals), Mark Wilson (bass), stand for
everything that is raw, primitive, direct and loose about
rock music. Like all the best bands they More...

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Review about Jet songs
Please | Reviewer: Thommo
    ------ About the song Look What You've Done performed by Jet

This is not plagiarism, this is a continuation (so to say) of the Beatles song.
And to say that jet had never heard the song is something an idiot would say, Jet try to be like the Beatles because the beatles were so cool. I highly doubt that they aren't fans of the Beatles, seeing as half their music sounds like a beatles wanna be.

Idiot! | Reviewer: Classikkrok!
    ------ About the song Look What You've Done performed by Jet

It's not plagiarism, moron. I'm sure Jet's never even heard that song. Or if they have, then it's simply a coincidence that they have the same lyric as the beatles did. Sexy Sadie and Look What You've Done are two very different songs. Some bands have songs that are the same titles as songs by other bands, that's not plagiarism either now is it, Anonymous? Great song though.

R.I.P Timothy | Reviewer: sadiqa mariam
    ------ About the song Timothy performed by Jet

Very sad song. But still thumbs up guys. Touching and Awesome at the same time lovers!! Plus, i think that these bands should receive more recognition than they do. They've got great talent. Its the great ones who have the least attention.

Woo! | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Seventeen performed by Jet

I love thing song!! It started airing on the radio heaps around the time I did turn 17. I really like it, and in years to come when I listen to this again it'll probably bring back all the memories. Jet are amazing!

WOW | Reviewer: Kimiko
    ------ About the song Rip It Up performed by Jet

This is one of my fave songs by Jet, when I first heard it, I nearly died! I mean it, thats how good it is!!! Another work of genius by Jet! The best bit of the song is the
'Whaa yeah' because it just shows off how perfect Nic's voice is!!!!

Plagiarism? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Look What You've Done performed by Jet

This song is not only reminiscent of Beatles on some chords, for Christ sake Tina haven't you read the lyrics?
- Jet: "Oh look what you've done you've made a fool of everyone"
- Beatles: "Sexy Sadie, what have you done, you made a fool of everyone

Meaning | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song Timothy performed by Jet

The lead singer's older brother passed away before he was born, and he always felt like a replacement to his brother. He told one of his fellow band mates this one day, and that band mate wrote this song for him. They don't play it concerts very often.

Mad Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rip It Up performed by Jet

this song is mad, i have heard it on the radio and the first time i heard it i thought it was mad!!!!

cute | Reviewer: kendra
    ------ About the song Hold On performed by Jet

i first heard this on spider-man 2 and thought it was lovely. i still like it a lot!♥

eleanor | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Eleanor performed by Jet

this is a great song! my friend loves it! and i love her!

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