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Tenacious D Jesus Ranch Lyrics

Last updated: 01/15/2012 10:00:00 AM

It was a big day on Jesus Ranch, Jesus Ranch.

He was harvesting a big tomato, it was in the sand, alright.
I'm taking a walk in the woods, and it's nice outside.
Smells of shit, Liga Guinggligagiggagoogwayogo.

I come upon a silver, striped mushroom and I fa la la la ly la ly.
And I fly, fly.

It was a big day on Jesus Ranch, Jesus Ranch.
I fell in love with a baked potato.
That's when I started the dance, yeah, in France.

I'm takin a walk in the woods, fuck Yeah!
It's nice, very very nice.
Smells of shit, Liga fluinggligagiggagoogoogwayogo.

I come upon a silver, striped mushroom, and I fa la la la ly la ly.
And I fly, fly.
fa la la la ly la ly,
and i fly,
I'm gone.

a fligga gu,
rigga gu hu,
rigga gigga gee gu,
ruu ga guuunn,
rigga gigga gu hu,


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awesome | Reviewer: themorningstar | 1/15/12

This really is an amazing song :) shown to me by my Christian boyfriend who LOVES it... I am also Christian and I feel it's just a fun song, by a pretty rad band :) life's too short to get touchy about such petty issues ^_^ and besides if you're that bothered about it you really haven't understood God properly at all.

HA | Reviewer: Kayla | 10/6/09

OH MY LUCIFER this is gonna bring down the world right here. This song is wrong, but its okay for you to talk to yourself at night and justify your intolerance cause of such. He's helping you i was an atheist, but now jesus ranch sounding knd of good. Bringing me a bong some cheese n sourcream.

Really? | Reviewer: Cpt. Insano | 8/22/09

Seriously, concerned christian, maybe you should be concerned about your lack of understanding or perhaps try trippin' balls one time and maybe you'll get the song. "This country" was founded by people not wanting to pay english taxes, criminals, and people looking to express freedom of religion. Most of the people who wrote the constitution were actually free masons not christians, read a fucking book. Btw CC I am a christian myself my father is actually a preacher but God did give us a sense of humor ( try a looksey in the mirror and you'll see his humor at it's greatest) and the ability to make decisions and think for ourself...Again read a fucking book, your book in fact. This song is pretty baddass, and so is bong...water :)

haha love the song | Reviewer: caleb hovland, come find me mutherfuckers | 1/17/09

my favorite tenacious D song out there. along with fuck her gently.

bret sounds like a lil bitch to me huh. him and his christiananity can suck my dick. if he wants to place his life in something thats only a figment of his retarded imagination w/e dawg. let waste his life away praising himself. cuz thats all god is. so go out get laid do some drugs get fucked up. so ur perspective of things will change. BITCHES

F%*# CONCERNED CHRISTIANS!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brett Aitkenhead | 12/18/08

The 2 other people that actually responded to this Concerned bible pusher's nonsense were WAY to easy on him/her. If you are such a conservative religious queer, DO NOT WATCH A MOVIE CALLED "BONG WATER". I wish i had more time to properly tell you what a grade A douche bag yoou truly are... I don't know what you look like, but yet I still daydream about punching you in your stupid mouth. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul!!!!

lolololol at two comments below | Reviewer: Me | 11/26/08

i agree with the guy right below completely! not only are you violating freedom of religion but also freedom of speech. if someone wants to write about getting high and flying, let them! the rest of us think its funny as hell! BEST SONG EVER. Tenacious D ROCKS!

lmao @ the comment below | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

It's a song, get over it, and not everyone's a christian in this country so shut about what the country should be. anyways as for the song, it's funny as hell and a masterpiece, Tenacious D are the best.

concerned christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

wow its really sad that this kind of song is tolerated in our country.. we should be a god seeking country with godly morals! God is so good and so worthy of all of our praise.. he wants to take all of our pain away and yet we cause pain to him with this kind of mockery.

awesome! | Reviewer: jacob | 8/5/07

well guess what i came upon a silver striped mushroom and i flew!
but ofcourse that was yesterday

WHOOT! | Reviewer: New Zealands Biggest Fan. | 4/17/07

I wonder how good that tomato really was? Hmm. I love this song. Brings up the morale of the the whole dang place. I love Tenacious D. WHOOT!

That rox my sox off! | Reviewer: Acacia | 5/9/06

This song fuckin rox so hardcore and i wish i could visit Jesus Ranch... I Love Baked Potatoes!!! Its so rad