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With an infectious laugh, 6-inch heels and a perfectly styled bob, she walks into the room and goes straight to the piano. Possessing a good sense of humour, a raw British accent and an un-doubtable eye for fashion, Jessie J has arrived. "I can't, I wish I could. I just like to pretend I can," she smiles.

Jessie J is not just a great pop artist…or a great R&B artist, or even a great hip-hop artist. The British-born, Essex-bred vocalist is malleable enough to encompass several genres, while displaying vocals reminiscent of Motown-era greats. Although she may not be able to play the piano, Jessie is armed with the chops to blow people away, and the song-writing skills to pen a worldwide hit.

After one listen, it's clear the extraordinary Jessie J stands alone. For Jessie, her Lava/Universal Republic debut album, WHO YOU ARE, showcases the skills of a gifted lyricist while highlighting an unforgettable journey.
While Jessie’s road to success hasn’t always been easy, she’s quick to emphasize the normalcy of her childhood. Growing up the youngest of three children, Jessie’s mother was a nursery school teacher and her father a social worker. “My family is very creative, but no one in my family sings... I was the only one who put my life to a melody..."

For Jessie, melody has been the driving force behind her successful career as a singer/songwriter. At 17, Jessie wrote her first song "Big White Room." The song was inspired by real life events—specifically the time she was hospitalized at 11-years-old while sharing a room with a younger boy who sadly lost his life.

"I knew I wanted to write a song about that experience," she divulges. The song has followed Jessie J throughout her career, and it remains a YouTube and crowd favorite when she performs it live. Her YouTube rendition has been viewed nearly 300,000 times and has garnered over 50 covers organically without radio airplay. "'Big White Room' is my comfort blanket, and I'm so happy that people can personalize the meaning of the song..." states Jessie.

Around the same time, Jessie J was signed to a short-lived independent label deal. She toured with various high-profile artists including Macy Gray, Sugarbabes, Girls Aloud, Chris Brown, Jools Holland, Cyndi Lauper and Taio Cruz. While showcasing her diva-infused voice and infectious songs, she had the freedom to explore her sound and a chance to teach herself how to adapt to diverse audiences. "I never had a band. It was me, my CD, my heels and a huge stage to fill. I loved that I had no one and nothing to hide behind..." The label eventually went bankrupt and closed its doors.
Still armed with a SONY ATV publishing deal, Jessie continued to hone her writing skills. It wasn't long before Jessie had opportunities thrown at her by the dozen. One of her songs, "Sexy Silk," was selected by NIVEA for a worldwide campaign. "I remember seeing the ad at the cinema and wanting to tell everyone, 'That's me! That's me!"

In the last few years, Jessie has penned songs for the likes of Chris Brown and Lisa Lois the Holland X Factor winner. Her life also inspired the melody of a major hit record, “Party in the USA,” sung and performed by Miley Cyrus. "When Dr. Luke texted me saying my song was #1 on iTunes, I thought it was a joke!" she laughs.

Now, Jessie's signed worldwide to Universal Music Group. In the US, she inked a deal with Lava/Universal Republic Records and Island Records in the UK. "I feel like my album is an example of what exists in the world of music right now. It's like my album is an iPod... it’s like when you go clubbing these days, you don't have a pop room and a separate R&B room, they're all together. People just appreciate great music..."
The title track "Who You Are" is about a point in Jessie's career where the singer's aspirations were hanging on a thread. "The most important thing in life is to be happy, but everything had become too 'business' and sterile. I really thought I was going to quit—not music, but the music wasn't easy," Jessie states. "I was really down, but when I'm down, I write a song about it."

Not all of Jessie J's songs are built around hardship. Much like Jessie herself, a lot of songs on WHO YOU ARE, are of the fun, upbeat variety she displayed in previous songs such as, "Party in the USA." Other songs that have had immense reactions on YouTube include "Rainbow," "Stand Up" and "Whose Laughing Now"—all written about personal times in her life.
Mix a bit of Rihanna with Gwen Stefani, add the charisma of Pink, and you will start to get an idea of what kind of girl Jessie J is. As much as she can be a voice for the hard times, those soulful, Aretha Franklin-esque vocals can also soundtrack the best of times too. Take the Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus) produced song "Price Tag"—an upbeat, energetic dance number that highlights Jessie’s booming voice and can still stand out amidst glossy production.

There's also the live staple, "Mamma Knows Best," which showcases her hair-raising range and is an extremely funky ode to her loving parents. "My mom and dad always know best. I hate to admit that sometimes, but the song says it all. I base my confidence on purity and I want to be a role model... I want people to know that I am an unedited version of myself. I plan to expose the good and the bad to show that life is about being WHO YOU ARE..."

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I actually love jessie j so much its unbelievable. | Reviewer: Rachael Macdonald | 11/14/13

Jessie j is perfect in every single way:')i have been to one of her concerts this year and it was the best day of my life! I think of jessie as my bestfriend! Next year i will be meeting her face to face.. She always puts me in a good mood when i listen to her music and she is a good influence in my life! One day i hope to be just like her! I love you so much jessie! Hope your reading this:* <3 xoxoxoxoxo

Your biggest African Fan. | Reviewer: Unity | 10/1/13

Jessie, your music has inspired me so much. Its always there to build me in times on pain and even joy. I sang your song Who you are at a school talent show last year and I got first place. Its is and forever will be my favourite song. I love you soooooo much and I thank God for you beautiful voice. Love, your #1 African fan <3
-From Africa, Botswana, Gaborone. x

awesome inspire | Reviewer: rosiemayj | 5/8/13

jessie j ,well she has inspired me a lot like most of you . but in a different way to me. even though my mum says i sing like an american,though i am a british person,there is nothing wrong with anyone! my friends love me singing at school sometimes i can get shy but if i get pushed to much i will not sing a note. most people like me a shy person has a lot to say but they cant i do no know if anyone has ever watched radio rebel . she is very shy thats why when she would talk she hid herself either in her room or at the studio when someone would tape her she would pull the blinds down to hide herself.

- | Reviewer: Thomas King | 3/13/13

I am sorry i can't compare to all these great fans who come to all your concerts and pay massive amounts of money to make their ego bigger to their friends. I'm not your number one fan, their are millions of people out there who absolutely love you and you deserve every single fan, you're so inspiring and just a great woman. I hope one day in the future i am financially able to come to one of your concerts but i'm just 15 and can't rely on my mum to pay massive ticket prices. I believe in you every step of the way Jessie, you're absolutely amazing, deserve everything. <3

love jessie j | Reviewer: jasmine | 3/9/13

so Jessie j I luv you so so much um my sisters name is Jessica and I listen to your songs all the he time and i'll be at your next concert.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u so much may good bless you and take care !!!!!!!!!!!

You inspire me | Reviewer: Jessica | 1/6/13

I have the same birthday as jessiej : 27th March and the same name and I luv to sing and perform
I want to be like you one day
It's funny how when i was young before I heard of you I burned a vidio of me singing on to a DVD and named myself jessiej then I heard of u and found out you hade the same name and birthday I got in a mood for you taking my name then I put it into my head that you where me from the future! LOL not likely ;)

I love you Jessica. | Reviewer: Collette | 11/3/12

I find your songs amazing,finally an artist songs which have meaning and you can relate to and make you smile after a hard day.with your bold fashion choices it's aloud me to open up and wear what I want and makes me want to stand out and not just look like the typical teenager,I live in my bold disco pants and silk,colourful shirts and my Docs.And even though 'rainbow' isnt one of your popular songs I love it and know all the words.Yesterday I went to see Nicky Minaj and after 3:30 hours of waiting for her to come on stage she didn't even bover turning up,I'm coming to your concert after Christmas,I hope you don't disappoint me like she did xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i <3 jessie | Reviewer: tedd | 8/14/12

i love her so much but my mom wont take me 2 her concert she is my inspiration and her songs cheer me up whenever i'm down

Heartbeat Xxxx

Jessie is my role model | Reviewer: Alice | 7/26/12

Jessie's attitude and view towards life is so refreshing. I love it. She always talks about how she wants her music to get noticed for what it really means and for people to relate to it. I have found that much like myself it is comforting to hear her music, and to know that you are not the only person fighting a battle in life. So she has helped me alot . Because of her I believe life is being about 'WHO YOU REALLY ARE'<3

Im jessie js #1 fan | Reviewer: Kiera | 6/27/12

I love you jessie j something that words can not dscribe your my insparation your the first thing i think about in the mornig an last at night ive got tickets to ur nice to meet you tour and getting your autobiography in september when it comes out love you all my love kiera

perfectly imperfect. | Reviewer: Olivia Tisdale | 6/21/12

Jessie J is one of kind, unique and so unbelievable talented! She's what real music is about and inspires so many young and wiser individuals all over the globe.
Jessie J deserves every aspect of happiness and appreciation for simply providing us with her voice and soul.

jessie j | Reviewer: m. n. l | 6/9/12

I was spellbound when I first heard your enthralling song, who's laughing now, because it displays such emotion. I am eleven years old, and I really feel that I can relate to your song

Ps. I would reeeeealy like you to reply to this as it would mean so much to me

JESSIE J IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jenny/ Jessica Ellan Cornish's NO. 1 FAN | 6/6/12

Jessie J is AWESOME, full stop. I love all her songs and how she expresses herself through them. Also i like how she is herself, not trying to be someone other people want her to be, or copying other people's voices, and because of that she is an AMAZING SINGER AND SONGWRITER!!!!!!!!!! LOVE FROM YOUR NO 1 FAN! :D

jessie j's number 1 fan | Reviewer: jessie j is actually amazing | 5/28/12

jessie,your music touches my heart!i have heard every single one of your songs and i am totally in love with you and your amazing music!you are the most inspiring person on this planet and my idol!I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN JESSIE J ANDI LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC SO MUCH,EVERY WORD YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE SINGS TOUCHES MY HEART!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THAT WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN IT!XXXXXXXXXXX

the way ur music makes me feel | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/21/12

When I hear jessie j's it makes me feel like I'm home and no one is around and there is nothing to worry about, because her music is comforting and I go to sleep listening to her music my mom has to tell me to turn it off cause I listen to it so much I LOVE YOU jessie j ! And this is WHO I AM and when I listen to your music this is how I feel. This I why I am your #1 fan and no one can change that. Just BE TRUE TO WHO U R! !!!!!!!!! I LOVE U! !

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