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The Allman Brothers Band Jessica Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2009 11:00:00 AM


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bahahaha | Reviewer: JezaXC | 10/16/09

Dude there ARE not lyrics to Allman brother's Jessica. i would know i'm named after it because daddy din't want boys singin it to me. but there are other songs (such as the one by Jewel) that are called Jessica with lyrics...

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

there is lyrics to the song but its not sung by the allman bro's its another singer dunno who he is though. he just used the backing

Kick ass song by the best Southern Rock offers!!!!! | Reviewer: Mark | 5/4/07

This song is the best song they've done after Duane Allman died, and made their best studio album "Brothers and Sisters" sound amazing from beginning to end!!!!!

NO LYRICS | Reviewer: thesayan | 4/22/07

youve searched for lyrics all over the net? obviously you're thinking of a different song, this one is entirely insrumental.

hey | Reviewer: P. Shuler | 1/28/07

there are no lyrics, the whole song is instrumental

Missing Lyric's, to Allman Bro's Band " JESSICA" | Reviewer: H.Edmonds | 4/13/05

I have tried on different search engines to find the lyric's to JESSICA could you please show me another link that may have them or do you have the lyric's for this song.

Thanking you