Jessica Simpson Lyrics

Listen to Jessica Simpson's In This Skin, and you will hear
many things: Love. Romance. Sexuality. Sweetness. Maturity.
Peace of Mind. Yet chief among the things you will hear is
the sound of a woman becoming her own person and staying
true to her heart.

Cowritten by Jessica -- with contributions from Fran Gold,
Damon Elliott and Trina Harmon, and production by Ric Wake
and Rob Fusari, In This Skin shines a light on a side of
Jessica that she's never had the opportunity to let free.
"I've been searching my soul for things I wanted More...

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Review about Jessica Simpson songs
great | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Carol Of The Bells performed by Jessica Simpson

i'm in the grade six and did this song in my Christmas chorus program and it turned out great and this song really showed me my length and depths of my voice in this song because i am a beginner soprano one:)

Ignore this little shit head | Reviewer: The kid below my comment is gay
    ------ About the song I Wanna Love You Forever performed by Jessica Simpson

Never mind the little shithead below my comment, he is gay and sucks fat black chodes and puts them in his ass and eats pubes. fuck kid you're really gay and retarded, nice you showed your address so people know where a shithead lives, go hang yourself you fucking queer

woW | Reviewer: stephanie
    ------ About the song I Belong To Me performed by Jessica Simpson

WOW THE first time i heard this song and i listened to the words tears just came running down my face its so sadd i like jessica....this was all vanessa minilos fault i hate her for that im on jessicas side all the way ilu jess

jessica is very popular in the worl ,i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Jessica Simpson

when i was at home i listen to this musik i really wanted to sing this son but i was not able to sing because i did not know how to understand english but now i hope that i can understand this son well. thank you jessica for your singing.

yOu hit me! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Belong To Me performed by Jessica Simpson

i reaLLy love the sOng espeCiaLLy aLL the lines that taLks abOut myseLf doesnt beLong to reaLLy refLects my personality wHen it cOmes 2 reLationship based on my eXperience beFore tHat my bOyfriend was to sTrict whIch maDe him so sUspicious ..

the best | Reviewer: Victoria
    ------ About the song With You performed by Jessica Simpson

i like this song alot i sang it in the talent show at my school in frount of every one when i was in grade 4 now i am in grade 7 and an in a musical i did not know what to sing for my audition so i picked this song i could not remember how it wentso i went to this web site love the song and love the message i feel the same way when i am with my boyfriend, but my hair is al ways down any ways soo ...... :) love the song

How does a radical lover reacts when lve is broken | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Belong To Me performed by Jessica Simpson

.i heard this song in a collectin of sngs, brougt by my brother.i dnt knw how to explain the feeling that i ve felt when i ve lisned ths i got i think this sng tells how does a radical type love reacts against broken of him or her love."my heart is my possession" "i belong to me" i want to be my own reflection"those phraces explainin that heart is my possession..him or her lover went away with him or her heart.and he or she cant bear the went away of lover.he or she now trying to mend her or him broken heart(self satisfying) by saying that i belong to me.......

love,passion,kiss♥ | Reviewer: symphony
    ------ About the song A Whole New World performed by Jessica Simpson

this song is wonderful i love it the passion in the music is just extrodinary ive grown up on this song and now that i herd this song its like nothing before and im really hard to agree with ive been singing my whole life ive gotin 13gold medals and im picking this song for my solo compition because of the beauty in it and how it is shown!

Angels | Reviewer: shay
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Jessica Simpson

I can't imagine any negative feedback toward Jessica singing this song. She is a beautiful individual. She has an amazing voice. She is cute, and her somewhat silly personality for the unknown; including her goofy outspoken comments in public only adds to her. She has put so much feeling and personality into singing this song. How could anyone say anything but positive about her and her singing. Plus, she is from Texas and my home town. Good luck Jessica and with you new found man. Shay

Very Good | Reviewer: Lily
    ------ About the song O Holy Night performed by Jessica Simpson

I've seen a lot of different versions, but this one is the best. Sure, it's got a different sequence of words, but it's still good. I was a bit confused when I saw the original version, but I understand now. It was a big help, thanks.

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