Jessi Colter Albums

  • Out of the Ashes Album (12/1/2006)
    His Eye Is On The Sparrow
    You Can Pick 'Em
    The Phoenix Rises
    Out Of The Rain
    Velvet & Steel
    Rainy Day Women N12 & 35
    You Took Me By Surprise
    So Many Things
    The Canyon
    Never Got Over You
    Please Carry Me Home

  • An Outlaw...A Lady, The Very Best Of Album (12/1/2003)
    You Mean to Say
    Suspicious Minds
    Under Your Spell Again
    I'm Not Lisa
    What's Happened to Blue Eyes
    You Ain't Never Been Loved
    Storms Never Last
    It's Morning (And I Still Love You)
    Without You
    Here I Am
    I Belong to Him
    New Wine
    I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
    You Hung the Moon (Didn't You Waylon?)
    Maybe You Should've Been Listening
    That's the Way a Cowboy Rocks and Rolls
    Hold Back the Tears
    Wild Side of Life

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