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There's a soulful urgency to his powerhouse vocal delivery, an honest passion, and a lyrical sensitivity that instantly gives Jesse Powell an edge over many of the current crop of young male vocalists. Call it a combination of his natural gift and the teen years spent honing his craft but whatever the root of this masterful singer's talent, he delivers.

As his sizzling, heartfelt self-titled Silas Records' debut album shows, Jesse knows how to get inside a song and reach its lyrical essence. Track for track, his first album is a sure fire indicator that the music scene should prepare for a new and impressive hit maker. Without recourse to the cloned, now-commonplace riffs and runs that have become standard for most of today's young singers, Jesse puts his own stamp on each of the tunes on his recording debut and the result is an emotionally satisfying listening experience.

Check out the tender poignancy of the acoustic-flavored "Is It Over", which Jesse himself calls "the ultimate heartbreak song". There's the steamy groove of the first single All I Need, the flavorful upbeat feel of "Looking For Love", one of the seven songs Jesse co-wrote for the album. Grammy winner Daryl Simmons wrote and produced three tracks including the standout ballad "I Will Be Loving You", and the emotive "You Don't Know", while Keri "KL" Lewis and Stokley of the hit group Mint Condition contributed two cuts - the hypnotic "All Alone" and the appealing slow jam, "Real With You".

Others involved with the production of Jesse Powell include Red Hot Lover Tone and Jean "Poke" Olivier (also known as Trak Masterz), Laney Stewart, Buster & Shavoni, Carl Roland, and Michael Stokes. R&B veteran Stokes had the rare distinction of producing both the original versions of the 70's group Enchantment's "Gloria" and "It's You That I Need" and Jesse's impassioned, outstanding medley of the two "old school" classics.

"The album is a real representation of who I am", says the handsome singer. "I'm a hopeless romantic... and I think that comes through on the material we selected. There is a recurrent theme on a number of love and heartbreak ?something I can relate to and a definite inspiration."

Born in Gary, Indiana, Jesse's earliest introduction to music came via his family: with his mother, two sisters and younger brother, Jesse sang in and around the city on local talent shows. "I don't remember a time when I didn't hear music", says Jesse, who mentions hometown natives The Jackson's, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin among his influences. "Honestly, I never considered doing anything other than music. I kept my fingers crossed that I could make a living doing it..."

Throughout his school days,Jesse sang with the family group, moving to Los Angeles in 1993 to fulfill his musical dreams. A stop in Kansas City on the way brought him in contact with up-and-coming writer/producer Carl Roland, and the pair began working together upon their arrival in L.A. "I didn't have a plan when I got to Los Angeles", Jesse recalls. "First off, I had to get a job... and then I performed at talent contests, industry showcases, just wherever I could..."

Jesse got his break when Silas Records' founder Louil Silas, Jr., was blown away with his performance at an artist showcase. Silas immediately heard the honesty in Jesse's super soulful vocal delivery. "Believe me, I was nervous!" Jesse smiles. "But it went well and shortly afterwards, Louil offered me a deal. That's when I knew all the work I had been doing on my career was not in vain." The beginning of a musical collaboration between the two was soon born.

Masterminding the project, executive Silas worked closely with Jesse in selecting the right mix of songs for his all-important first album, "We started on the great quest, searching for the right songs", says Jesse. "I wanted to find tunes that I could relate to which is one of the reasons I co-wrote songs for the album. It was very important for me to stay true to myself as an artist, finding material that was R&B at its core. There's definitely an "old school" sound to some of the songs, and yet we tried to make sure the album had a 90's feel to it."

Hard-pressed to select his own personal favorites, Jesse says each song "shows some part of my personality, my character. After we picked a song, I'd ask myself, 'is this really me?' That was the key." Tunes like "Spend The Night" and the infectious "I Like", written with hit songwriter Gordon Chambers (Brownstone, Anita Baker), shows Jesse's sensual side while his Enchantment medley is a testament to his unbridled sensitivity.

In addition to working with so many talented producers and writers, Jesse had the opportunity to include members of his own family on different tunes: mother Emerald and brother Jacob can be heard on "Is It Over" and "You", while sisters Tamara and Catrina added their singing skills (individually or collectively) to a total of eight tunes. "Having my family sing with me was really great", says Jesse. "They have been so supportive of me over the years and they know that having this album out is the fulfillment of a dream. They know the sacrifices I went through in moving away from them and from my friends to come to Los Angeles to pursue my musical career... and they know how thrilled I am about all that's happened since I signed with Silas Records."

Now, with the release of Jesse Powell, the music-buying public is about to discover what executives at Silas Records have known ever since this talented singer/songwriter began recording his exciting debut: with the combination of a vocal maturity that belies his youth, his unpretentious, for-real kind of personality, natural good looks, and an innate soulful approach to his music, Jesse Powell has truly only just begun!

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Jesse Powell fan | Reviewer: The future Mrs. Hannah | 3/15/14

Whenever I hear Jesse Powell sing, all i can think is pure. The clarity and tone of his voice is simply amazing. I noticed a few earlier post requesting Mr. Powell to perform at their wedding...well I guess I would LOVE to ask the same. It would truly be an honor to have Mr. Powell sing "You" at our ceremony in August of this year. I don't know if this will actually make it to him, but asking never hurt anyone. I can be contacted at Even if Mr. Powell can not, "You" will still be apart of this joyous day for us. Thank you for a wonderful song!!



This not Jesse Powell the singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/14

That's not the singer Jesse Powell that's another guy with the same name plus he looks nothing like Jesse Powell the singer "everything you see on the Internet is not necessarily always true the Internet lie as well

It's not Jesse Powell the singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/14

Jesse powell is doing good and married with children the Jesse powell that was arrest is a fire fighter who is 52 years old and looks nothing like Jesse they just have the same name do more research people this dude is older and in Georgia Jesse lives in California before yall go assuming do more research it's not Jesse Powell the singer it's a fire fighter with the same dam name !!!

Where is Jesse Powell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/14

If you Google Jesse Powell arrest might see were he is and has been. There is a mug shot out there that supper to be him. I hope its not because if it is he look bad. Supose to be drug reated.I pray its nit him but those ears and lips don't lie.

Happy B day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/13

Omg! reading the post from 8/27/13 I thought I wrote it myself. I definitely know if my husband or anyone that knows me would believe I wrote it. Man, always wondering what could of been if I wasn't young and in love. Jesse you will always have a place in my heart. Hope your are having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! & we would love to see you sing again. You have an amazing voice and the music world is void of true talent like yours.

Win a date | Reviewer: RC | 8/27/13

In 1996 there was a competition to win a date with Jesse Powell and I wanted to enter, but I didn't because I thought I was in love with this guy and I considered his feelings before my own. I want the chance again to win a date :)One of my regrets in life - I know I would have won!

I have been knowing Jesse since the age of 7 | Reviewer: Ms. Gault | 4/19/13

I was very proud to have known Jesse before his professional singer career, Jesse sang in all our school talent shows, and he sung at our 6th grade graudation at Kuny elementary in Gary Ind., I grew up 1 block from Jesse and his family. Jesse has alwasy been a stand out guy and a very nice person.

I would also love to have Jesse sing at my upcoming wedding.

L. Gault, From the G!

how to get you back to the G.I. | Reviewer: carl smith | 11/11/11

yo man yo music the bomb sir and all of it is like in my phone on the shelves everywhere ya dig my mom remembers you from when she was in middle school and highschool her name is Marie Smith she went to pulaski and for highschool she went to roosevelt i think she said she used to sing with you in a group somewhere on the eastside and in every talent show you would win by singing an enchantment song it would be good if you paid her a visit someday b/c she has been goin thru it since uncle bu and grandma earlene died so if you could pay her a visit it would be bomb as heck

would love to see Jesse perform | Reviewer: Tasha | 7/20/11

Was listening to Pandora the other day and came across the song "You"and fell in love with Jesse music all over again. Would love to see him perform...especially in Denver. His vocals leave me speechless....

contacting Jesse Powell for family | Reviewer: Vicki | 11/21/10

Jesse Powell rocks and I personally know his family and have for over 6 years now. I am trying to contact him for his cousin Jesse McIntyre. I would love to get in touch with him as it has been over 16 years since they have spoke. Please let me know how to contact him.

MTV!!!!! Hey Jesse | Reviewer: Doug Emerick | 6/3/10

I met Jesse at the Palace one night in L.A. His two friends were friends of mine, and introduced me to him. His friends wanted me to meet him, because im from Indiana as well. He is such a cool guy. Jesse if you read this, please give me a call. I have a show id like you to host. I think youd be very impressed. Thannks, Doug

my dream of a wonderful song sang at my wedding, by Mr. Jesse Powell | Reviewer: Jamella | 5/24/10

It never fails me. The eloquence, power, and raw emotion that Jesse Powell exudes drives me to tears. I feel like someone entered my soul and spoke my inner thoughts. I will always love this song and Mr. Jesse Powell for allowing my deepest desires known to the world. I would be eternally greatful to have him grace my family and friends with his presence at my wedding in 2011. If there is anyone out there who knows how to make this dream reality, please tell me so. I am definitely willing to pay. I can be contacted or 718 273 9230......after 300pm monday through friday.......I am wishing and praying for this miracle. GOD bless.

jesse powell is the best R&B singer ive ever listing to. | Reviewer: xolani mazibuko(SA)JHB | 3/23/10

hi im x i have been listing to JP since i was at high school and he is my best R&B singer of all times.i still wonder what happen to my role model jp.please jp if you got this reply we miss your music.

How do I get Jesse to sing at my wedding. | Reviewer: Chandra | 2/13/09

Jesse Powell is one of the best I have heard and I have loved him since he came out. I really would love for him to sing at my wedding. I can be reached via email at or phone at 708-856-6894.

Thanks for your consideration

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