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Not many adult performers can say they have two Emmy
nominations, two Young Artist Awards, a Soap Opera Digest
Award nomination, were a member of a platinum-selling
singing group and have a successful acting career. But
16-year-old Jesse McCartney can. Jesse grew up in New York
with his whole family performing together. His family would
do stage productions, rehearsing for two months each Fall
for what would become the year’s big musical every
November. Working in Community Theater opened Jesse’s eyes
to the joy of singing live and More...

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Review about Jesse McCartney songs
my name is shianne i uesd to have a cursh on jesse McCartney | Reviewer: Shianne Allen
    ------ About the song Beautiful Soul (video) performed by Jesse McCartney

Dear. Jesse. McCarthy. Howard. You do in. I. In. Used to. Have a. Crush. On you love shianne
I. Am 15. Teen. Now. I. Like. Goose bumps. RL. Stine the haunting. Hour. By. RL. Stine I. Like. Teen beach. Motive Disney. By. I. Like. Disney. I. Like the. Fosters. On. ABC family. I. Like. Twisted. By. ABC. Family. I. Like. Watching TV. I like. ET. I. Like. The. Titanic. Did. You. See. It. Jesse. McCarthy. I. Like. Dogs. I am Irish. I. Livn. In soathbriged. I. Am. In. 90. Grade. Am. Hght school. Am. A gril. I. Like. Eating. pizza. Am. A teenager. Am. White. Gril
Am. Not. Allow. To. Date boys. My. Foster. Mom. Racial. Told
I . Can. Not. Date. Boys. Am. To. Young. I. Like. Boys. I. Have. A. Friend. Name. Branden. Baker. He. Is. 14. Teen years old. And. Eric. Kaven. Kevin. Cutrrtney young. Ellis
Ryan. Mr Lambert. Mrs. W. Mrs. Leal Murphy Mrs. Curz Anthony. Michael

Just so you know | Reviewer: Georelyn A. Rodriguez
    ------ About the song Just So You Know performed by Jesse McCartney

Napakaganda ng song na to...marami akong mga naaalala sa tuwing pini play ko ito...even I am a girl..I believe that I can sing this song..dahil kung ramdam mo ung meaning ng music..kahit sintonado pa boses..maaawit mo parin dala nga ng emotion. .di ba?? Hirap nga naman pag ganun ang sitwasyon 1:2 kung ratio ang pag friend soon to be gf/bf ..ang pangit ng ganun..mas pipiliin ko pang maging best friend sya kesa boyfriend..promise! Hindi ko sya iiwan..nEvEr.

So kul | Reviewer: Yolo
    ------ About the song Because You Live performed by Jesse McCartney

Wow! So great! I d0nt listen to music much. I am n0t a fan of a singer. I just l0ve songs, really great n impressive on me. Because u live is one of them. All are so kul. The rhythm, tune, sense n sweet voice. Dis song 's never boring. Everytime i hear i feel st serene, gentle... Cant express all my feelings i feel. Because u live! Live with the time. 4ever :)

Thanks to my helper | Reviewer: Preley
    ------ About the song Just So You Know performed by Jesse McCartney

I was down to the lowest point in my life. I thought my heart would never heal. I found you late one night and thought what have I got to lose? I ordered the Return My Lover Spell and within a 3 days she was back in my life thanks to you Dr. Lee of the

I just have to comment | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song Blow Your Mind performed by Jesse McCartney

Man...I love this song. It has a great beat, even if it's about sex. I never stop listening to it at home, along with his other songs. They just remind me of my sweetheart <3 Jesse, you have one more fan. AND SHE;S PUERTORRICAN!!!

Spellcheck. | Reviewer: Holly
    ------ About the song Invincible performed by Jesse McCartney

Please spell things correctly. Please use proper grammar. If a word is underlined with a squiggly red line, it means it is misspelled. Right click on the word and it will give you suggestions. If you learn to spell and use proper grammar people can actually read your reviews and they can make sense.
On another note, Jesse McCartney does NOT spend his time looking up reviews on obscure lyric sites. Just review the song and don't write personal notes, especially misspelled ones that have no punctuation. I do not want to read about how much you love Jesse. I do not know you and I don't care about you. This is a review section. It is for people who actually want to see what people think about the song. This is not a space for illiterate people to tell Jesse how much they love him.
* Great song.

anonimo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just So You Know performed by Jesse McCartney

The song really fit to my situation cuz the guy I love is my ex and before 2 years together he's dating with another girls and it's kinda weird cuz he still talk me and right now all I wanna do is see him and tell him everything I feel so then I can really forget him but I think he won't se me cuz his gf and maybe wonder that I will kiss him or something, but really all I wanna do is see him even if I can speak with him I comform with see him. It's a terrible situacion cuz his gf doesn't deserve him he's too good for her I hate her she's a childish girl he talk shit about me and she don't even know me AH I wanna cry I love him so fucking much!

_- | Reviewer: Amulya
    ------ About the song Take Your Sweet Time performed by Jesse McCartney

kewl song .. It actually describes the situation am in . .

I know hav dones something wrong . to shatter my relationship .. but i still love her

and waiting for her .. Hope she wud .. know my love someday <3 :-/

i support jesse 4ever | Reviewer: MAY NA J
    ------ About the song Because You Live performed by Jesse McCartney

i really love this song n his sweet voice. Esp this lyric i can't believe that jesse's song all great. This lyric really make me more understand about jesse wow so cool cos this song meaning is all the word i need 2 here.

i love jesse | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Because You Live performed by Jesse McCartney

since i was younger than now i've known jesse mccartney but now the best thing that i have is all jesse's song in my phone n my PC. I really love all his song n also him cos when he sing the sound seem like I can't explain just no that sweet voice esp when he sing a kind of rock song .oh wow it truly amazing. lol...

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