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"This is a life that reads like a mixture of Shakespeare
and Tennesee Williams. It is all here in Jerry Lee's own
words: the scandal of his marriage to his 13-year-old
cousin which broke in the very conservative UK of 1958; the
shock when the media discovered he was still married to his
first two wives; the loss of his two sons in horrible
accidents, and his twenty-year drug addiction."

Available in the U.S. only from JLL Enterprises (see Hot
New Items! in the Giftshop), this book tells the definative
story of one of Rock 'n Roll's More...

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Submit Jerry Lee Lewis New Lyrics

Review about Jerry Lee Lewis songs
more to it | Reviewer: sep
    ------ About the song Great Balls Of Fire performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

I do this song frequently as a kareoke song and there is more to it than this ot slips my mind at the moment but the "I chew my nails" part is " I chew my nails lord I twiddle my thumbs I'm getting kind of nervous but it sure is fun" also this song has more to it than what is currently represented as listenimg to the song will show...

Lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Brett W.
    ------ About the song Great Balls Of Fire performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

I can't stand not to say anything because its driving me crazy - Jerry Lee never said anything about nickels or knickers in his song - the correct phrase for the beginning of both stanzas was "I chew my nails and I twiddle my thumbs"

Great song | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Who Will The Next Fool Be performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

This is a great song, and the person who wrote the previous review is a complete retard.
First because she thinks Jerry Lee wrote the lyrics, and second because we don't care about her frustration. Get a life, we're talking about music here.

I Luv This Song | Reviewer: vickieem
    ------ About the song Great Balls Of Fire performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

i luv this song.. my grandma use to sign it to me and i herd it on the movie great balls of fire... and when i was five my grandma said that her and Jerry lee lewis is cuzins and she use to paly with him in Ferriday....

the next fool | Reviewer: A
    ------ About the song Who Will The Next Fool Be performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

Dear Jerry.You really try to pretend a lot about love-trash.You allways where my gentleman,but not any longer.You perhaps is the lyer,not her?!You made all females(and groupies)think they were the only ones,for a while at least.But perhaps You were acting?Or You perhaps were a man that could not recist?Your lies I won`t charge,but a man or a woman always know inside weather it is sencere or not(honest).You don`t have to be suspicious.
Even a prof. acter, You can look through in 5 minutes of time.You know the game, don`t play stupid.The truth is that You have made love to perhaps 300 females each of them ,could dream the rest.You made Your wife think,she was the only one.But in reality you would not make them feel like a fool,it was not Your style.Listen to the rock until you die.Who is who now a days?You have two faces,have you.When you pass away then make sure you have a doll of each wife and don´t push too fast,but slow,such a fool like you only need pretending!Did you feel like a fool,when you heard that a 4 year child say, that she was a groupie?Or did You feel like a child.Red,hot,chili pepper band.Are you a fool or just a beginner?Or are you a sinner.You have something to think about.Be careful what you say"gentleman".You are easy to look through .rinckledippingpeanissuckertrousersgentleman.Dance your last dance with the dolls and throw me no apple.I Gay, you.With who do you cry this evening at the hotel?Are the groupies still your grandchildren,of age.Fun,fun I fool you I fool you until you die.Anonymious me A.B.

lindsay's review | Reviewer: lindsay
    ------ About the song High School Confidential performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

i thought this was your best song of all time because you were married to someone you loved at first site

Unreleased Treasure | Reviewer: JC Harris
    ------ About the song Alvin - 1970 performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

Available through Bear Family , this has got to be one of Jerry Lee's best country songs although never released on an album. This is a classic version of this song and if you have a change to hear then do it!!

Contemporary Killer | Reviewer: Jc Harris
    ------ About the song Games People Play performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

1972 - The Killer Rocks On -album had to be one of the best JLL albums. Jerry turned his hand to a more contemporary mix of songs than ever :
Walk a Mile in my Shoes,Games People Play and many others . He turned out a perfect version of c c rider and chantilly lace and prett much all the songs on this album were hit makers and some did hit the top of the charts but they should have released this song and walk a mile in my shoes that would have added 2 more hits under Jerry's belt. Jerry's country comeback went from 1968 - 1980 and on with tons of hits that alot of people do not reconginze. Maybe after his new album "old glory" is released, fans and the curious will listen back and hear the genius. This man could take any song and make it his own.
AND I MEAN ANY SONG..Please give Jerry a try !! You will not be disapointed.

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