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After making five platinum and multi-platinum albums with
Alice In Chains, guitarist/songwriter Jerry Cantrell is
taking a temporary break from the band and releasing BOGGY
DEPOT, his eagerly-awaited debut solo album on Columbia
Records. Named for the area of Oklahoma where Cantrell's
father, Jerry, Sr., (a/k/a "the Rooster") grew up, BOGGY
DEPOT features 12 new compositions penned by the man who's
written many of Alice In Chains' most memorable radio hits
including "No Excuses" (from Jar Of Flies), "Rooster,"
"Would?," and "Down In More...

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Submit Jerry Cantrell New Lyrics

Review about Jerry Cantrell songs
run away train | Reviewer: sandra
    ------ About the song Owned performed by Jerry Cantrell

jerry come and talk to me .Im not going to keep covering this up I have no money and you buy the balls aalso you know I love you and want to see how fair in life you can get but the lies to troy has to stp hhe coming in 6 months and we have dicusseed the matter of you coming after me well it isn't a bad idea for me but im my covering this up any longer you fixing to hit the floor I flat ass fefuce to keep it a secret anymore when you get picked up and ar in jail then you can say I told you so with love to you I really need to talk to you
life isn't going to be tha t easy wen you go love Alice

Jerry | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Solitude performed by Jerry Cantrell

Okay how not to mention the former band he was in and not mention the great soul we lost whom he had a connection with I don't know.I'd hate to mention them.I feel hes done great this is Jerry Cantrell not the band he was in.Well they're back.This song is so great heard it for the first time today.Love you Jerry.Your my favorite guitarist.Wish I was old enough to come and see you and wasn't locked inside a room.........

jerry | Reviewer: andrea
    ------ About the song Cut You In performed by Jerry Cantrell

my favorite guitarist jerry cantrell.awesome song.awesome video.this song needs some notority or something.some credibility if thats the word.Love you Jerry.Don't forget the tatto you have on your left arm.brotherhood.....

Begging the Buddha | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Siddhartha performed by Jerry Cantrell

This is a most powerful song. I love that he connects the Buddha with addiction. This song has kept me awake tha past few days. It calms me when I remember past regrets; it reasuures me that my past black periods have meaning--at least to Buddha & Cantrell.

Did anyone see Cantrell live on his Degradation Trip tour? Was it great? Why is Canatrell's music so slow and plodding? Is it just his style, or is it inspired by something? Does anyone know the influence?

My sentence was served and I'm now free to be. I hope Jerry is as well...

31/32 Another Jerry Cantrell masterpiece. | Reviewer: Mary Win
    ------ About the song 31/32 performed by Jerry Cantrell

It's so easy to lose yourself in Jerry's music. He's amazing for having the power to create but not abusing it you know? Some artists tend to over shoot if they have the skill. His music is soul felt to the point where you can put a single song on repeat the whole day. I can't wait until I can write a song melodically and structurally sound enough to compare to a Jerry Cantrell song(if that day ever comes). I wonder what his music was like when he was 17?

Anyway.. to those of you like this song thanks for existing! I don't think we'll (ever again?) have any music like Jerry's.

Best Wishes from: One of many admirers of Jerry Cantrell's songwriting.

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