Jerk Lyrics

Johnathan Devoy (Vocals)
Leeno Dee (Bass)
Charles Cilia (Guitar)
Lamar Lowder (Drums)

It’s no great secret that the most definitive albums are so
much more than just a collection of songs. Rather, they
herald the ushering in of a new era, a dramatically
realigned perspective of what is and must be from their
release date onwards.

From Monday April 14, When Pure Is Defiled, the debut album
by Jerk will be doing some redefining of its own.

If there’s ever to be a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s 1969
sociological cult classic, A Clockwork More...

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Submit Jerk New Lyrics

Reviews about Jerk songs

Amazing | Reviewer: _-_.F.L.O.W._-_
    ------ About the song Sucked In performed by Jerk

Very hard and progressive style. Absolutely right to include this into Need for Speed Underground because you start to imagine riding a car on a very difficult track with incredibly high speed always on limit.
I will put this into my cars radio =)

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