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They say the best songs come from personal experience and
newcomer Jeremy Camp’s music certainly comes from a very
personal place. A unique brand of rock and progressive pop,
his music was born out of a heart that’s been broken and a
faith that’s been tested. Yet, despite all this 24-year-old
has walked through—or maybe because of it—he’s compelled to
praise the God who has proven Himself faithful through it
all and has a passion for telling others about Him through

Camp’s journey began when he left his home in Lafayette, More...

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Review about Jeremy Camp songs
big picture | Reviewer: sue p.
    ------ About the song I Still Believe performed by Jeremy Camp

This heartfelt vulnerable song by jeremy camp is my fave from all his songs. Have been through physical, mental abuse, betrayals from my first marriage with a nonbeliever. Have two sons from him who are teens now. Though raised in loving christian home since my divorce and remarriage ten years ago with a wonderful Christian man, they have chosen to be slanderous, manipulative, and selfserving by spreading rumors and lies to taint our family with incentive and encouragement from their biological father . They are engaged in activities and choices that will slowly (and already has) chip away and compromise their souls. We pray everyday god will embrace our prodigal sons. With repetitive betrayals of trust, we continue our fight to keep them on the righteous path. We know not to ask the why questions to our Beloved Father, who knows and has great plans for us though it has not seemed that way for a couple of years. We still believe...even through our tears and pain.

Great Love | Reviewer: Jen
    ------ About the song This Man performed by Jeremy Camp

Whenever I think of this, I always think back to the night before Jesus was killed. He was litterally HORRIFIED, he knew that the next day was going to be just pain and suffering, plus ALL the guilt, shame, judgement, of sin. Jesus BECAME sin, thus he could not be near holy GOD. And I always remember Christ's humble, face-down-to-the-ground subbmission to GOD's will to save humanity from the PIT of pain and suffering that is Hell. I say that because Jesus was literally born to do this, he gave his EVERYTHING, so the cross demands our obedience to God. Let me tell you a story. There was a group of women working at a farm. One was a Christian, the rest were Muslim. The Christian starts to talk of Jesus, and who he is to her, Jesus is her beloved. The Christian then talks of how great the love of Christ is, how he suffered and died all for her. Then she asked the Muslims, "What did Muhammad ever do for you?" The Muslim woman immediatly took offense, and beat the Christian woman. Why is it that everyone takes offense of that? That my friends is the beauty of Christianity. In what other religions do you see a divine savior come from Heaven just to die to save mankind from sin?

Beautiful song :) | Reviewer: Madison
    ------ About the song Walk By Faith performed by Jeremy Camp

I sung this song for my best friends graduation. This song is simply beautiful, it really sums up how God feels for us. How much he loves us and wants us to prosper. He is trully incredible, and he has been faithful to me, and will continue to be. His love is constant. He will never love you more than he does right now. :)

Warrior for God | Reviewer: Servant
    ------ About the song Walk By Faith performed by Jeremy Camp

This song Walk by Faith really speaks to me. During our hard times
and brokenness, we need to keep the faith and hold on because it is through these times in out lives that God works and reveals
Himself to us. When it is all said and done and we look back, you
can see the hand of God, but that is only when we walk by faith and
we are obedient to the will of the our Father, so that He can take us to where He wants us to be.

I will walk by faith.. | Reviewer: carol rubio
    ------ About the song Walk By Faith performed by Jeremy Camp

This song every time I hear it on the radio it brings tears of birth to my 3rd child I had a complication that cost us both our lives. Doctors didn't give us any hopes and spoke the words "we are sorry we will try our best to save them both but there's no guarantee. ...after all this I am still standing and my baby is happily 8 months old now..Unfortunately my daughter suffered the most. She has medical problems and is been a rough ride but guess what? I WILL WALK BY FAITH!!!!!

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song Walk By Faith performed by Jeremy Camp

I first heard this song at concert that Jeremy Camp was part of, called winter fest. It was awesome.! Then I started having problems with my feet, had to give up my job, and lost my income, and just about every thing else I had. Then the doctors said my leg had to come off.! It was up to ME to decide when to have the surgery.! How do you decide to cut off your own leg..? I couldn't do it.! So I prayed, and went to four more surgeons, and heard the same thing, four more times..! Then I met my current doctor and said he would like to try to stop the bone infection and save, not just my leg, but the entire foot..! It's been two years, and we are still trying, but as of today, I still have both of my feet and it has been a walk of faith, every day..! I will, walk by faith...

A heart cry | Reviewer: Caleb
    ------ About the song Empty Me performed by Jeremy Camp

An absolute surrender to God in worship. A daily heart cry for my life: to be more of Him and less of me. I am richly blessed by this. This should be the life-cry of every child of God. God bless you brother Jeremy.

Thankful | Reviewer: Selena
    ------ About the song Walk By Faith performed by Jeremy Camp

I'm thankful The Lord brought this song to my mind this evening. I'm at a place of surrendering my will to The Lord and trusting that He knows what's best for me. So...I will walk by faith.
Thank you Lord, that you are with me each step of the way. Thank you that You've gone before me to show me that with Your help, it is possible. I love you Jesus!

The greatest love of all | Reviewer: Daniel thompson
    ------ About the song This Man performed by Jeremy Camp

if we're told to die for someone we knew and love so much, and who's guilty of a crime of which the penalty is death, and the person ask u to take his place, of which u have to die, so that he might live; will you do that?. Just think about what he did for u and i,he freely gave his life for us to be free from the bondage of sin & eternal distruction in hell. That's the greatest love i've ever seen or heard of.

so inspirational | Reviewer: Daniel thompson
    ------ About the song I Still Believe performed by Jeremy Camp

Every word said by jeremy,touches every area of my life, it make's me remember when i lost my dad & my mum was ill for months and everyone has given up that she won't survive it,she kept saying this word, i still believe that my god won't let me die

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