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She calls me baby
then she won't call me
says she adores me
and then ignores me
(Jenny, what's the problem?)

She keeps her distance
and sits on fences
puts up resistance
and builds defenses
(Jenny, what's the problem?)

You leave me hanging on the line
everytime you change your mind

First you say you won't
then you say you will
you keep me hanging on
and we're not moving on
or standing still
Jenny, you've got me on my knees
Jenny, it's killing me

She needs her own space
she's playing mind games
ends up at my place
saying that she's changed
(Jenny, what's the problem?)

I'm trying to read between the lines
you got me going out of my mind


(oh oh oh)
It's killing me
(oh oh oh)
It's killing me
(oh oh oh)

[Chorus x2]

It's killing me


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Love this song... | Reviewer: 100 YEN | 6/27/12

I really love this song.I have to play it twice when I listen to my Ipod.I want to dedicated this song to my boyfriend FB.Honey,you treat me just like Jenny.You say you adores me but you ignore me.You calls me baby then you won't call me.What kind of love is this huh?

im jenny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/10

hi...i'm jenny....this song was dedicated to me by my boyfriend..1 year ago before he past away.. the lyrics was really fits to me....i really missed him.... jp, you may rest in peace....i love you.......goodbye...

2ne1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

i feel like this song is about park bom, a korean artist XD. 'jenny' is her american name, and the girl in the video is asian and he wrote the song in asia, while on tour.
?_? idk. lol i love this song <3

dang catchy! ;] | Reviewer: Naddy | 11/19/08

i first heard this on MAA on MTV and couldn't get it off my head ever since so i ended up downloading it ;P
it's a really catchy song, awesome lyrics, wicked tune! kyle patrick & joey zehr are gorgeous too xD
keep up the good work guys!

I <3 TC5.

The Click Five Rulez Big Time. | Reviewer: MusicLover#1 | 1/12/08

Me again.By the way, I forgot to mention that your song "Jenny" is awesome. And so is "Just The Girl". and "Pop Princess". Also "Happy Birthday". You guys keep up the great work while you are at it.

Awsome song | Reviewer: lise | 12/13/07

That song is so awsome!!!♥

It is my fav song ever!!OH YA!!!!!

If i could ever meet them it would be so so so so so sweet!!

Like the part "Frist you say you wont , then you say you will you keep me hanging on and were not moving on were standing still jenny you got me on my knees jenny" in the 3rd virse out of all of them!!!!☻☺☺☻♥

The lead singer is so hot!!!!!!

keep up the awsome work!!!!!!!

the click five and me!!!! | Reviewer: angeline taniegra | 11/21/07

hey guyz...i really love this song,now the show must go on and on because of you guys!!!!we always love u and i think i was fall in love with u guyz!!!!!

it's me jenny | Reviewer: jhen roqz | 11/22/07

very nice song.....

i love it not because i'm jenny its because the message of yuor song inspired me

labxu click 5

jst lyk wat guy's telling me.. | Reviewer: jenny | 11/13/07

a guy hu had been courting me sed that i should listen to dis song.. its so funny that i ended up liking the song and reflecting how stupid i was letting a guy realize how rude i am in a song.. looks like all of my friends has been teasing me "jenny whats the problem?" hahaha!
i like this song guys..

luv this song so much !!! | Reviewer: Vanna | 11/1/07

it's awesome .now this song just around my head all the time. Judith,ur friend is a lucky

imee | Reviewer: imee | 10/31/07

this song is not really named by jenny ahm!! a jeeny songs have a meaning but ni forgot!! i really love this song i got this song in my iPOD and in my laptop
hope you like 8

very good song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

the click 5 its soo awesome..!!i really like them.and the lead singer is soo cute..!!keep it up!

nice one...^_^ | Reviewer: alyze | 10/28/07

hey guys.. i agree to what you've all said. i first heard of this song "jenny" from my classmate who loved the song soooo much.. i'm loving it already.... ^_^

yay | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/26/07

The first time I heard my name as a song title. undecisiveness of me also reflected in the song =.=

whatever | Reviewer: alya | 10/25/07

can anyone please show me where to see the pop princess video clips??...i've already find it in "JENNY" ROCK!!!

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