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(Paul McCartney)

Like so many girls, Jenny Wren could sing
But a broken heart, took her song away

Like the other girls, Jenny Wren took wing
She could see the world, and its foolish ways

How, we, spend our days, casting, love aside
Losing, sight of life, day, by, day

She saw poverty, breaking up her home
Wounded warriors, took her song away

(solo) verse, chorus

But the day will come, Jenny Wren will sing
When this broken world, mends its foolish ways

Then we, spend our days, catching up on life
All be-cause of you, Jenny Wren

You saw who we are, Jenny Wren

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jenny wren | Reviewer: ZHop | 4/18/13

Actually, Jenny Wren a character from the classic novel Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. She's a crippled little girl who lives in poverty with her alcoholic father and works as a doll's dressmaker to provide for them. She's ethereal and wise beyond her years I think I heard somewhere that Paul McCartneyis a Dickens fan

Jenny Wren biscuit cutter | Reviewer: BeatleKeith | 11/20/12

I have an old antique tin "Jenny Wren" Biscuit cutter.

Makes me wonder if Paul's mom had one in the kitchen.
This is just another wonderful song by Sir Paul. I know he is on tour again, and as usual, I will see him again if he comes within 500 miles of where I live.

matured | Reviewer: johnny | 8/19/12

this album is pauls best since well a long time probably wings.
his voice has gotten older but it actually endears you to the song. it is a masterpiece. paul is that rare rare bird.. lyrical,musical,vocal,instrumental GENIUS

Jenni-lyn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/11

i like to think paul mccartney sang that for jenni-lyn watson of syracuse who passed away. She casted love aside and had her song taken away by a wounded warrior. Only when our world mends its foolish ways will Jenni-lyn's song be heard.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/10

I've never really been a huge fan of Macca's later work. He seemed to have gone from "inspirational" to "uninspired" a lot of the time. But this piece is gorgeous. Like someone else on here already said, it really is part 2 of Blackbird.

Jenny Wren | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

The first time I listened to this song I thought it was composed in early seventies during The Wings. I was not able to find this song until now. I got really amazed when I noticed this song was released in 2005. McCartney goes on being a great composer, there's no doubt about it. This song is extremely beautiful for me. A masterpiece made by a mature composer.

Blackbird, now and wren | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

Very much a bookend to Blackbird.

The picking syle is very similar to Blackbird, as are the two-fingered chord shapes, so much so that I wonder if Jenny Wren came about through McCartney's recent constant playing of Blackbird live.

Lyrically, the song uses the bird image as an allegory for freedom and escape - again very much like Blackbird. And also like Blackbird, while escape is frustrated, optimism prevails.

Escape to a better life is a theme which runs throughout McCartney's output from the Beatles to the present day and McCartney carries it off here with a stunning simplicity which is his hallmark.

Younger, up and comming talents must sit back in awe that McCartney can still produce gems like Jenny Wren seemingly without effort.

While perhaps not original for Paul McCartney in either concept of execution, this is still a classic track in every sense.


soothes my soul... | Reviewer: tt gray | 10/16/08

i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --I just heard it on an obscure digital radio station about a year ago and listen to it at least 8 times a week, lol~ his voice, the lyrics, acoustics....ahhhhh, it's very soothing inside

--tt gray

Amazed. Simply amazed. Though I did not doubt in him. | Reviewer: Nizhegorodovm | 11/30/07

Well, he's genious. After "Off the ground" I lost my faith in the present of Sir Paul, but - men, he's still alive and kicking. It's not "Yesterday", but... The song is better than "Blackbird". He did it. My congrats.
There's only 2 of them left, he works for all 4. When he will die, a BIG part of me will die too.

Beautiful Melody | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

I love this song! Paul has such a beautiful voice, and the acoustics are so moving. This is one of those songs that makes you want to cry because it is so beautiful

acoustic gem | Reviewer: luck de vurde | 6/27/07

this song could have easily been on the White album and wouldnt have got lost there. late Macca in top form

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