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Jennifer Knapp could never have predicted what has happened
this year. Since her first nationally distributed project,
kansas, released on Gotee Records less than a year ago, her
story has been unfolding in some amazing ways. Jennifer
Knapp has been signed to the prestigious Creative Artist
Agency home to artists such as Michael W. Smith, Steven
Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay and dcTalk. Jennifer's debut
release with Gotee Records entered the Soundscan chart at
No. 5 and the Billboard heatseekers chart at No. 21. Kansas
has spent 45 More...

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Review about Jennifer Knapp songs
Sing Mary Sing | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song Sing Mary, Sing performed by Jennifer Knapp

Thank you for writing this song .... Jesus was, is - REAL. This warps me into the time when Jesus was born and the reality of events and circumstances happening then. I cry - mostly for her strength and courage. Also, for how proud Mary must have felt. This song brings amazing JOY to my Christmas! Thank you Jennifer!

first time | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Undo Me performed by Jennifer Knapp

The first time i heard this song i was on my way to texas to stay at a friends house. Ever since then i have been addicted to it lol!!! The beat is pretty cool to. I love this song alot its great!!!

Special song | Reviewer: Jan Hamelink
    ------ About the song The Way I Am performed by Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp does not get the proper acknowledgement for her talent here in the Netherlands. This song, The way I am, is not only an enjoyment to listen to (especially live), but also has great lyrics, that will touch any spiritual being that listens to it. I guess that is her gift.

Faithful To Me | Reviewer: Erica Woolfson
    ------ About the song Prelude (Faithful To Me) performed by Jennifer Knapp

All the chisels I've dulled carving my redemption. That I've recked like sands beneath the waves.I've recklessly built all my dreams in this world. Just watch them all wash away.

Modern-day psalmist | Reviewer: Ian
    ------ About the song Martyrs & Thieves performed by Jennifer Knapp

I swear it! Everything she writes sounds like a psalm to me.

This is definitely one of my favorites, cause it shows where all of us all to often find ourselves.
The ghosts "in pictures less proudly displayed" really speaks to me.

    ------ About the song Sing Mary, Sing performed by Jennifer Knapp


ITS THA BOMB! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Undo Me performed by Jennifer Knapp

when i first listened to this song i loved it soooo much!!!
my family and i were in the car driving to Adelaide from Canberra. so thats like 14 hours and my dad and i loved it soooo much that we listened to it over and over again! just two days ago my mum got Jennifers Cd for me and i love that aswell! Undo Me is the Best song EVA!!!!

A true classic! | Reviewer: John Linderman
    ------ About the song Trinity performed by Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer's heart and soul cries out to the heart of the listener with a passion and humility in this track. We are swept along in her battle against sin, we strain with her as she reaches out her hand for the gentle touch of the Master, and our hearts are awash with joy when she rejoices at reaching her destination. And just like that, we are left with but a heartbeat at the end...

Jennifer, you are being prayed for!

Sing Mary, Sing | Reviewer: Erin
    ------ About the song Sing Mary, Sing performed by Jennifer Knapp

The idea of Mary's comforting lullaby to Christ isn't a novel thought, however, it is a compelling one when considering the humanity of Christ. To go to the core of Jesus having entered this world as a human body, under scandal, controversy, and skepticism is one that I could not easily trip into a jolly Christmas carol...yet scanning the facts, found no less joy.

INCREDIBLE -- 2 thumbs up! | Reviewer: Jessica
    ------ About the song Martyrs & Thieves performed by Jennifer Knapp

This is a BEAUTIFUL song! The lyrics are wonderful, and the guitar is awesome. I'm hoping to sing this song soon. :-)

2 thumbs up!

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