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Every decade or so, a new voice emerges that is
transcendent, timeless. In the ‘60s, Aretha was royalty;
the ‘70s were under Chaka’s control; Whitney owned the ‘80s
and Mariah lead the ‘90s. For this new decade, it could be
very well be all about Jennifer Hudson. With her
high-powered soulful style, the 26-year old Chicago native
had already achieved feats that are reserved for most young
singers’ dreams. The former American Idol contestant nabbed
a much-deserved Academy Award for her unforgettable role as
“Effie” in the 2006 movie More...

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Submit Jennifer Hudson New Lyrics

Review about Jennifer Hudson songs
Tukie | Reviewer: Pamella tunyiswa
    ------ About the song You Pulled Me Through performed by Jennifer Hudson

You are my role model from dream girls. I put faith in your music nd i believed that you can pull it through and you did thats why i love this song.

I'm His Only Woman Lyrics | Reviewer: connie liang
    ------ About the song I'm His Only Woman performed by Jennifer Hudson

Hi guys i'm connie liang i am fan of jennifer hudson
i was use the song i will sing of i'm His only women i was best thing for me i'm move on this don't derecpctful try hurt me is wrong that song amazing i decide that i'm move on forward this make brand new i think myself move on how i feel was guilty and shock this moment i love the song i heard of her music she is talent person amazing sing and i will try give up what i am doing future great update keep busy and focus on be on time back track schedule chat with my friend on facebook i totally over it let go my past 2 week ago thia i want myaelf go somewhere place help me sing pubilc i am love been single so hard for me been single hard thing to do let go yourself of past i am love wonderful who am i was been popular star sing best for me i am graceful move on i can't wait for my soundtrack soon i was sing perform fan of me autography meet all star i can imagine hollywood break up sandal their move on somewhere i learn of hollywood star best for me be great worker and best opportunity experience independence skill for goal this want i was diffently move on thank you glee power make me best update L stand glee tnanks you are best i am love myself hangout thanks jennifer hudson use your song apperciate

horrendous | Reviewer: Camille
    ------ About the song Feeling Good performed by Jennifer Hudson

Why does Jennifer Hudson feel the need to ruin songs? She ruined God Bless America, she ruined One Shining Moment, and now she wants to ruin this classic! I'm not having it! YOU'RE SCREAMING ISN'T NECESSARY!!!! How dare you! Nina Simone would not approve of this. My ears can't tolerate her screaming. Uh!

Love this song. | Reviewer: sifiso
    ------ About the song Let It Be performed by Jennifer Hudson

This song is really good. weve got a Haiti fundraising day. Im the one who had an idea for this day so me and some of the collgee people are doing this and im singing this song deffforr...i lurvee it!!!!

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