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Jem was born in Wales, a misty and oddly shaped UK
peninsula also responsible for bringing the world Tom Jones
and Shirley Bassey among other things. From the age of
thirteen she was singing and writing songs, basic recording
equipment was ever-present and she decided that one day she
would be a singer. Keeping her dreams of this future career
mostly to herself however, after finishing school she
headed to Sussex University.

Whilst in Brighton, Jem's great passion for music drew her
into the music industry, but at this point it was More...

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Review about Jem songs
the moment of loose | Reviewer: khalid
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

first timead I had see this song in Utube in title RUSH refering to a police series in a great montage , while the words shaking me streamly but the sense of real meaning of loose is so effected , although I had married B4 28 years I feel no love indeed cause no feeling in response so I feel a great loose , and day after day I discovered there is no love deserved to a women !!! because I failed to get love from my wife although my great feeling for her & my sensirely love

Love it | Reviewer: April
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

This song always reminds me of the book Cirque du Freak. The main character, Darren, has to leave his family and make everyone believe he is dead. He spends his "last" few days with his family and friends and really tries to be nice to everyone.

I first heard this song on a Halloween gothic doll makeup tutorial on youtube.

LOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Once In Every Lifetime performed by Jem

This is the best song ever! I almost have it memorized just by watching the movie. But, then again, I've watched the movie so many times i can act it out and mouth the words...Seriously...I can.....

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

I love this song, I too first heard it in the final scene of Center Stage: Turn It Up. Amazin emotion in this

I think it's about that moment, when you are told by a doctor or someone ( The "he" in the song), that you only have 24 hors left to live. That you have some sort of Virus/Sicknes/Drug in your body. That you won't be able to live longer then 24 hours with it.

You realise all the time you've wasted, and you think about if there is an afterlife, or f this is it. You want to make sure you tell everyone you love them, and fix personal disputes
"To tie up loose ends
To make amends".

The chorus pretty much summaraizes the coversation you will have with you're loved ones. and how you want them to move on with their lives after you, but to not take living forgranted and to grab every moment and live life to the fullest..

The countdown throughout the song, just adds to the feeling of pressure, how the clocks not stopping, and oure time is running out but you NEED to get you're final Messege out.

What matters to me | Reviewer: Edgar
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

Really amazing and very very deep..

But I don't see the depth in some complex interpretations and hidden meanings.. Great idea of this song I see in the following words:

"Now I can see"
"What matters to me"
"It's as clear as crystal"
"And I can’t believe"
"How I’ve been wasting my time"

And it is really out of focus what is exact reason for 24 hours..

Usually we are able to understand the real value of something only when we lost it. Here the case when hero is being loose everything..... It is excellently passed, and the song presses you to reevaluate your own values, which are available but usually forgotten.. they are placed under some low priority, because we do not fill every day how short the life is.........

4th Inheritance book | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Once In Every Lifetime performed by Jem

I saw on the Inheritance Forums that Paolini has released a chapter of Book 4 (in the paperback Brisingr). This means Book 4 should be out by Summer 2011!!
Atra esterni ono thelduin, especially to CP.

Song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

I always thought she was drugged by someone like the mafia or something and she has "24" hours to live. Like when it says; "head spinning round and round" it sounds like she has been drugged. And she wants her husband or lover to move away and find someone new so he doesn't die as well.

soundtrack | Reviewer: millie
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

awesome song, i have seen ultraviolet but a really long time ago. i know the song from the final dance scene in Centre Stage: Turn It Up. they're dancing in "the glass slipper" which is like a modernised cinderella and its the final scene where cinderella and the prince are trying to overcome everything (such as stepsisters) and get together.... great scene!

24 in ultraviolet!! | Reviewer: constantine
    ------ About the song 24 performed by Jem

this song is great...ultraviolet with milla jovivich is even more..!personally i think that 24 for the soundtrack of the trailer of ULTRAVIOLET is an excellent choice.EVERYBODY must see it...!!!
i've also one question:someone is going to kill her or she is going to kill herself?!?please answer...

enlioghtening | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song They performed by Jem

Im 100% sure what this song is about and what all her other songs are about. Shes a very enlightened individual . She understands the rules , politics and beliefs that religion , the government and society has enforced on us. Its pretty sad that most people blindly follow what society tells them too . They stray away from their life purpose to fulfill some psuedo-need ( fame , populairty , or keeping up with the jones's ) . Jem has made her career an expression of her true divinity as a person . She sings form her soul and not from her ego .
10 stars

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