Jem Albums

  • Down To Earth Album (9/2/2008)
    Down To Earth
    I Want You To...
    It's Amazing
    Keep On Walking
    You Will Make It
    I Always Knew
    Got It Good
    How Would You Like It
    And So I Pray
    On Top Of The World

  • Finally Woken Album (3/23/2004)
    Come On Closer
    Finally Woken
    Save Me
    Missing You
    Wish I
    Just A Ride
    Falling For You
    Stay Now
    Flying High

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    Reviews about Jem albums

    Missing You..... | Reviewer: AliKat
        ------ About the album Finally Woken performed by Jem

    The most beautiful song.

    My father past away on January 5th of this year. He raised me from the age of 2, I am now 24. My 1 year old daughter was the last person that got to see him other than my step mom....she was playing with him and picking up everything she could find and giving it to her "Papa". I hugged him the night before that and told him I loved him, which I am sure he already knew.

    After playing with his granddaughter he went to lay down for a nap.....he never woke up.

    I heard missing you for the first time today while I was driving to work....I instantly teared up.
    She said exactley what I have been feeling and with such a beautiful voice.

    That's all's a touching song that makes me feel like it's ok to cry.


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