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The Gathering Jelena Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2007 11:00:00 AM

My friend
She tipped over
Out of childhood into sadness
She's always shining
But nevertheless
Her beautiful heart is drowned in grief

Sugar horse, lives inside
Like a friend
In need

Far and wide she'll gaze
Upon the flowers bloom
Jaded, her mind in a daze
From the medicine gloom

They leave her with her friend
A force of nature filled with strength

Sugar horse, lives inside
Like a friend
In need

[Anneke van Giersbergen]

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Beautiful sadness. | Reviewer: Borian | 9/3/2007

There are few songs I can tell that are really touching: "Jelena" is one of them. It's about the girl, who, despite her virtues and beauty, feels sad. She doesn't know how to manage with her problems, so she withdraws. But more important thing is other people also can't help her: they will give her medicines, that shoul help her and make her happier, however they will do nothing but harm. It seems to be no hope... This song is one of my favourites. Music harmonises with lyrics so perfectly, not even mention of Anneke's van Giersbergen superior performance, which gives "Jelena" power and unique climate. I strongly recommend to everyone who loves music.

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