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As an inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and founder,
vocalist and songwriter of the Jefferson Airplane and later
Jefferson Starship, Marty Balin's role in the birth of 60's
music has earned him a place in the annals of rock history.
His chart-topping single "Miracles" from his Jefferson
Starship days has sold millions of copies and has become a
radio standard. The song has been inducted into BMI's
Millionaires club having been played 2.7 million times.

Marty came to the attention of San Leandro Theatre operator
and recording More...

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Review about Jefferson Starship songs
Ride The Tiger? | Reviewer: kathi m. lennon 1
    ------ About the song Ride The Tiger performed by Jefferson Starship

I like the duo close, when she goes, "aooooee, ride the tiger." However, the not Marty Ballin Group says, " it's like a tear in the hand of a western man, will tell u bout a song, a song of the (strong) love for a woman of another woman, that is taken of the hand, by that western man, who will tell u about the story, or the sorrow for the sad song the love of a woman? And is It's like a tear, it's like love..Do u wanna ride, ride, the tiger?" And that man is supposed to be Marty Ballin discussed! But, Jimmy Page, & the woman's is something like... (Grace Slick in concert) who is about? i don't remember the song, but i cut it up?
Are there any other woman, i don't know, & that I promise. But Grace can reach me at, Ride The Tiger Correction Lyrics, cuz i know i did bad?

    ------ About the song Mau Mau (Amerikon) performed by Jefferson Starship

It's kind of ironic how the assholes who wrote this POS song are the same people today who preach about love and tolerance. Yeah love and tolerance, as long as it's THIER version of love and tolerance. Look what liberal love and tolerance bought the people in Waco who were members of the Branch Davidian church. Hopefully in the future, the people will be wise enough to throw these kinds of ideas into the garbage bin of history.

Airplane | Reviewer: Jackson
    ------ About the song Hey Frederick performed by Jefferson Starship

I am very mad that you put Starship instead of Airplane, and I did not even grow up in the era. Really, I hate Starship. It seems like most classic rock bands are awesome then for some reason turn into a very plain bland rock band. Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite Jefferson Airplane songs. I am very sad that today most people do not know of or like Jefferson Airplane's music. I love Jefferson Airplane but some people that I have played them to have said they sound bland or that Grace Slick's monotone voice is boring. Anyways, Volunteers is probably Airplane's best album lyrically. I think more people should listen to it.

United kingdom is buzzing to this for now | Reviewer: iain
    ------ About the song We Built This City performed by Jefferson Starship

Brilliant song. It is featuring in a commercial at the moment for a Phone network. A young girl is riding a bicycle with a basket on the front with a cat in the basket. And the girl is miming to the actual track sung by Starship, along with the cat. And you thought cats couldn't sing?? Viral on Youtube somewhere.

This is an excellant song, end of discussion. | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song We Built This City performed by Jefferson Starship

We built this city, is one great song. It is just as good as Jefferson Starships Miracles. The talent is in the song. I love this song. I have been playing it for the last 2 days. It is an oldie but goodie. I used to not like songs from the 80s but I love this song especially from a group Jefferson Starship that has years of experience.

"Rusty and Debby Reunited Love Found On F.B After 37 Years!" | Reviewer: Debby Buck
    ------ About the song Runaway performed by Jefferson Starship

This was our song 36 years ago when we met at a Y.C.C.Camp where we first met at the ages of fifteen, and seventeen. It was there we fell in love and said our good-byes at the end of the summer, and wrote a few love letters, then lost touch. Six months ago we found each other on facebook and not a day has gone by without a good morning call at 4:30 a.m. before Rusty goes to work, texting through out the day, and then we have our good night call at 8:30 p.m. before his bedtime, because of his work hours. We also have date night on the phone, which has lasted sometimes five hours! All because we are now 800 miles apart; from Arkansas to Minnesota, and very much in love! Our song is still "Run Away" by Jefferson Starship. Christmas Rusty drove through snow, sleet, floods, and icy roads to see me again for two weeks. We spent meeting each others family and the camp where we met, taking many pictures! It was the best two weeks of my life and went by way to fast! Before he had to leave, he ask me to marry him and I said, "yes"! We have to wait until my son, Canaan graduates and turns eighteen in May so I can leave my house of 26 years to him. Then I will move to Minnesota where my soul mate, and love of my life is! I planned to be married on my grandparents anniversary, june 14, 2014. They were happily married 57 years and passed six weeks apart. I want to be with Rusty for the rest of my life now that we've finally found each other. With God first in our lives, we'll make it this time! Thank you for our song, that means so much to us! Sincerely, Debby Buck from Arkansas

It's about the Vibe! | Reviewer: Louise
    ------ About the song Play On Love performed by Jefferson Starship

Play On Love is an Awesome tune! As a rock & roll musician/singer/songwriter myself, I'm also a Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Grace Slick fan and Love covering it, and I particularly relate to this one - so can a relatively few others as indicated by "I've heard people say it a thousand times in a thousand different ways" - out of Millions, that's Sadly not enough! But for those who understand that "that's the only way to play", it's wonderful! one of those "thousand different ways" to say it is with a term I refer to as the "Love Vibe", a condition where musicians realize that "Makin' Music's Makin' Love" and that "It's ALL about the Music", where they let the Love for what they do flow through themselves and their instruments, i.e. their Music, to be shared Intimately and Interactively with the rest of the band where its amplified through both telepathic and psychoacoustic regenerative feedback until it's intensity becomes so great that it's received by the audience to produce a condition known as the "Love-In Effect". This condition was sought in the '60s at "Love-In" concerts with varying levels of success and was recognized for it's amazing potential to positively change negative things, even going so far as being believed to be potentially able to stop the Vietnam War. Music has long been well know for it's powerful influence and the Love Vibe is where that power comes from. Thus when Love forms the Realized Basis for making Music, it can then be said to "Play On Love" - truly "...the only way to play"!

    ------ About the song Sara performed by Jefferson Starship

I get what the Sara lyrics are referring to (mostly)...but the video with the black and white parts has me dumbfounded. It's driving me to distraction. I know the song was named after the wife (at the time) of Starship's vocalist Mickey Thomas, who sang lead on the track...but what does the farm/tornado/dustbowl setting for "the family" (in black and white) in the video have to do with the song "Sara?"

GBgrandma | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Built This City performed by Jefferson Starship

Best song, worst song, whatever! How each person feels about a song depends on the memories evoked, the emotions associated with it, and their personal music preferences. This song makes me happy, brings back the feelings and joy of raising my young children in the 80's and the fun of growing up in the 60's & 70's during the height of rock & roll.

a tribute to the 70's and 80's | Reviewer: Remember
    ------ About the song We Built This City performed by Jefferson Starship

The song is a tribute to the 70's and 80's and the references to Guglielmo Marconi who discovered (along with Tesla and others)RADiation Induced Oscillation (RAD-I-O) and the rapid changes in the ownership of American technology at the time are priceless. The idea of nameless and faceless engineers who made the world what it was to become is the topic.

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