Jefferson Starship Albums

  • Jefferson's Tree Of Liberty Album (6/1/2011)
    Santy Anno
    Cowboy On The Run
    I Ain't Marching Anymore
    Chimes Of Freedom
    Genesis Hall
    Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
    Royal Canal (The Auld Triangle)
    Rising Of The Moon
    In A Crisis
    Pastures Of Plenty
    The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood

  • Across The Sea Of Suns Album (11/6/2001)
    She Has Funny Cars
    When The Earth Moves Again
    Good Shepherd
    D.C.B.A. 25
    Eskimo Blue Day
    How Do You Feel
    Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?
    Embryonic Journey... Starship
    There Will Be Love
    Hey Frederick
    When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves
    You Bring Me Down
    The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooncil
    Mexico... Woodenships
    Somebody To Love... Volunteers
    You're My Best Friend
    JPP Mc Step Blues

  • Windows Of Heaven Album (2/9/1999)
    The Light (Ginger & Metaphysics)
    See The Light
    Maybe For You
    Let It Live
    Let Me Fly
    Which Side Are You On (FUTR Remembered)
    Ways Of Love
    Later On
    Windows Of Heaven (FUTR)
    Out Of The Rain
    Millennium Beyond (Frontera Luminosa)

  • Deep Space / Virgin Sky Album (6/27/1995)
    Ganja Of Love
    Dark Ages
    I'm On Fire
    Papa John
    Women Who Fly
    The Light (Ginger & Metaphysics)
    Crown Of Creation
    Count On Me
    Intro To Law Man
    Law Man
    Wooden Ships
    Somebody To Love
    White Rabbit

  • Gold Album (4/9/1991)
  • Love Among The Cannibals Album (7/26/1989)
  • No Protection Album (12/1/1987)
  • Knee Deep In The Hoopla Album (12/1/1985)
  • Nuclear Furniture Album (8/1/1984)
  • Winds Of Change Album (8/1/1982)
  • Modern Times Album (8/1/1981)
  • Freedom At Point Zero Album (8/1/1979)
  • Earth Album (8/1/1978)
  • Spitfire Album (6/1/1976)
  • Red Octopus Album (8/1/1975)
  • Dragon Fly Album (8/1/1974)
  • Blows Against The Empire Album (7/1/1970)

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    Reviews about Jefferson Starship albums
    Ready to go...still | Reviewer: Hawkeye Slothrop
        ------ About the album Blows Against The Empire performed by Jefferson Starship

    They were building the Starship in 1980 and "it ought to be ready by 1990" but here we are 23 years later still looking to hijack the darn thing. And 43 years after I heard the record and it changed my life.
    Imagine: "any place you can think of, we can be"
    It had the top royalty of the San Francisco sound: Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jerry Garcia and friends plus the soaring vocals of David Crosby and Graham Nash and, don't order yet, because we'll also include some of the best studio folk around.
    This was a concept album that encapsulates the time: drug induced optimism for the future and the heady sense that we were the generation to break the mold, to live forever and be free.
    The music still sounds young. And " do you know, we can go. We are free. Any place you can think of, we can be."
    Still a killer album. Hurry up with the Ship already...

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