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Jefferson Airplane's debut show was on August 13, 1965 at
the Matrix nightclub in San Francisco. The first
performance featured Marty Balin on vocals, Paul Kantner on
vocals/rhythm guitar, and Jorma Kaukonen on lead guitar.
Signe Anderson, (who sang on Jefferson Airplane's first
recording "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off') also performed.
The bass player, Jack Casady and drummer Skip Spence, (who
was later one of the original members of Moby Grape) joined
the band two months later. Spencer Dryden became the
drummer in June of 1966 and More...

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Review about Jefferson Airplane songs
One verse only | Reviewer: Lovro
    ------ About the song White Rabbit performed by Jefferson Airplane

I've seen some very good reviews for this song here. I'd like to contribute with my understanding of one verse.
"And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all" means, in my opinion, that people are doing well when they are just - normal, without any drugs. Mother won't hurt you, the pills she may give you will not do anything at all, keeping you safe and normal. You're better on your own, (even in the bad times) than on any possible drugs.
Excuse me for eventual bad grammar.

Pothead | Reviewer: gonegirl58
    ------ About the song Lather performed by Jefferson Airplane

I was an 11 year veteran of Catholic Schools and my schoolmate and I spent a lot of afterschool time up in her room smoking joints in the early 1970s. TR had an older brother who had been in Vietnam and we constantly stole his albums and raided his books. We obsessed about certain songs and LATHER was one we loved. God, the words resonate so deeply, I was only 15 and the thought of turning 30 was horrific, yet I sit here facing 60 with laughter in my heart remembering my exact stoned response to these lyrics - haha wut!

peace vs ease? | Reviewer: Lance Storm
    ------ About the song D.C.B.A. 25 performed by Jefferson Airplane

A great song -- one the best on the album. Surrealistic Pillow is one of the all-time greatest albums; such a long time ago; so full of optimism; poignancy; songs of new love, dying love; needing love; rekindling love ... plus one white rabbit.

I think the first two lines of the 3rd verse in D.C.B.A. - 25 are:

I take great ease [not peace] in your sitting there
searching for myself, and [not I] find a place there.

    ------ About the song Rejoyce performed by Jefferson Airplane

First line is: Chemical change (ggzzzz buzzing sound... no "laser beam" or "lace"). Otherwise correct. Grace Slick wrote some wonderful stuff back then!
Most reviewers here got the Joyce/Ulysses references correct, but the song is not a line for line rip-off of Joyce. It is a consistent and brilliant counterculture critique of conventional American values as Grace saw them, especially those held by most young men back then (there are so many of you, white shirt and tie, wedding ring). The song is part homage to Joyce and part general critique of (establishment) American values. She begins the reflection by addressing a lover: ("Smiling in my room... you'll be inside my 'mind' soon," is an obvious sexual reference as "chemical change" is an obvious drug reference, obvious, that is, to anyone familiar with the effects of LSD). When I first heard "Bathing at Baxter's" in '69 I got "the message" because I was 15 and part of that counterculture. Since the Zeitgeist of that era faded its reasons for being have been ignorantly maligned by subsequent revisionists. To be expected I guess. Grace is an artist and art is generally misunderstood by non-artists no matter what age they live in.

    ------ About the song Comin' Back to Me performed by Jefferson Airplane

I listened to this song, the first time, when I was 16 or 17, in 1989 or 1990, & I liked it very much because it was very beautiful. I listened to "Comin' Back To Me" from a vinyl record, "Surrealistic Pillow", I have by Jefferson Airplane, that I bought in the library my mother had those years. I also bought, in my mother's library, records by Cream & The Animals, that were sold, those days, in a vinyl record catalogue in the libraries (& kiosks, I suppose). I liked "Comin' Back To Me" very much & I also heard that song in a film, starring Kiefer Sutherland, it was a hippie film, if I remember well. When I saw that film & I heard "Comin' Back To Me" in that film, I tried to write the lyrics of this song in a small notebook, that I still have, because it's a memory from the past;):) that I want to remember. I still remember when I copied the lyrics of this song, "Comin' Back To Me", in the notebook, because the lyrics of that song had been written with subtitles in that film. The subtitles of those lyrics, in the film, I think they were written in Spanish, although I don't remember well:). Lots of LOVE from Brbara!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Love the old Airplane | Reviewer: Amelia
    ------ About the song Wooden Ships performed by Jefferson Airplane

Back in the day when this song was being written, I was a wild teenage girl attending Santa Monica High School. After school I would hitchhike down to Marina Del Rey, where a few guys from the Hollywood music scene kept their wooden boats.

Fueled by Owsley's finest enhancements, rock musicians and their supernumeraries dreamed up paranoid visions of dystopia. Crosby got into a fistfight with my then-boyfriend on the beach. I concluded that these guys were jerks.

But I am sure that the hedonistic Crosby, who elucidates in his memoir "Long Time Gone" his penchant for having sex with two women at a time, penned these lyrics from a sincere desire to leave smoggy L.A. and head for paradise.

Paradise turned out to be the North Shore of Oahu and other Hawaiian destinations. Since it just so happened that these rock stars had the money, they could go where they wanted to go, and dream and dream on.

Meanwhile, the purveyors of the "San Francisco Sound," notably the Airplane, the Dead, Quicksilver, It's A Beautiful Day, Country Joe, engaged in some creative collaboration with their L.A. rocker counterparts.

Hence we have this most exciting and vital version of "Wooden Ships". The energy in San Francisco in 1968 was electric and revolutionary, compared to the self-absorbed musical output from L.A. We can continue to groove on Kantner's guitar, Balin's tenor, Slick's resonances with the cosmos. Ride the Music.

i love the airplane! | Reviewer: robert mac
    ------ About the song The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil performed by Jefferson Airplane

i saw the JA in san francisco in june 1968 at the Avalon Ballroom. "After Bathing at Baxter's had been out only a small time. they were OUTSTANDING! they played a lot of the album istead of surrealistic. some loud, psychedelic, hippie jam band named the grateful dead shared the bill.

Generation gap | Reviewer: Didiane
    ------ About the song White Rabbit performed by Jefferson Airplane

Ok, I was there . White rabbit came before ,during , and after me
In the 70' I did not question the music , I lived it ! Adored it !
Praised it ! But....... Never did I thought for a minute that ''some'' were warning us . If I coudl only knew then what I know now, I would make my own music , and probebly get shot.....:)
This is it , sorry guys , love you..

About LSD I think. | Reviewer: Amy
    ------ About the song Runnin' Round This World performed by Jefferson Airplane

The song could be about LSD or a girl.
Why I think it might be about LSD...
He writes "we've been runnin' round this world too much girl trying not to see but now we're free of them". That sounds sort of like your eyes being opened up thru LSD and experiencing different things.
Then he keeps singing "I understand what I understood before
But loving you has made me understand much more" which confirms that idea as well.

"rainbows of your smile I love to touch", "The times I've spent with you have been fantastic trips" sound like LSD usage too.

"We can walk and love where we want to" sound like LSD can take your mind wherever you want to go... you are not tied down to your conscious mind and to reality.

clearly a drug song | Reviewer: brian
    ------ About the song Somebody to Love performed by Jefferson Airplane

This is simple.... This song is referring to drugs. Just like most of their songs. I am 30 and I've been an addict (opiates mainly, marijuana, benzos and muscle relaxers) since I was 17, though i smoked dope for the first time at 14-15 I was taking around 100mg of hydrocodone or my worst I was main lining(IV) pure opioid pharmaceuticals and got up to 400 mg a day of oxy(also morphine and dilaudid and methadone was my drugs of choice) and 6mg a day of xanax or any benzo....with sleeping pills and muscle relaxers like soma. I should be dead...but I totally relate to this generation of music and is all I listen too(pink Floyd, the doors, Lou Reed etc). I hate hallucinogenics BTW.

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