Jefferson Airplane Albums

  • Jefferson Airplane Album (9/1/1989)
    Planes (Experimental Aircraft)
    Ice Age
    Summer of Love
    Madeleine Street
    The Wheel
    Common Market Madrigal
    True Love
    Now is the Time
    Too Many Years

  • Long John Silver Album (7/1/1972)
    Long John Silver
    Aerie (Gang of Eagles)
    Twilight Double Leader
    Milk Train
    The Son of Jesus
    Trial by Fire
    Alexander the Medium
    Eat Starch Mom

  • Bark Album (9/1/1971)
    When the Earth Moves Again
    Feel So Good
    Crazy Miranda
    Pretty as You Feel
    Wild Turkey
    Rock & Roll Island
    Third Week in the Chelsea
    Never Argue With a German If You're Tired...
    War Movie

  • After Bathing at Baxter's Album (12/1/1969)
    The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
    A Small Package of Value Will Come to You...
    Young Girl Sunday Blues
    Wild Times (H)
    The Last Wall of the Castle
    Watch Her Ride
    Spare Chaynge
    Two Heads
    Won't You Try Saturday Afternoon

  • Volunteers Album (11/1/1969)
  • Crown of Creation Album (9/1/1968)
  • Surrealistic Pillow Album (2/1/1967)
  • Takes Off Album (9/15/1966)

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    Reviews about Jefferson Airplane albums

    So serenely psychedelic:) | Reviewer: sleazy johns
        ------ About the album Surrealistic Pillow performed by Jefferson Airplane

    This is THE best JA album by far. The magnificently arranged and produced song "Today" is worth the entire album. Few lyrics can make me become emotional as does "Today". A must in every TRUE rocker's music library.

    Classic | Reviewer: Ummagumma
        ------ About the album Surrealistic Pillow performed by Jefferson Airplane

    This is one of the finest albums of the era. A defining classic. A review from a random person on the internet cannot do this justice.

    Feed your mind.

    Fabulous | Reviewer: Sage_Man
        ------ About the album After Bathing at Baxter's performed by Jefferson Airplane

    Watch Her Ride, Martha, what more can I say? Must have LP (or CD) for all folks interested in fabulous rock.

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