Jeff Buckley Lyrics

BORN: November 17, 1966, Orange County, CA
DIED: May 29, 1997

Born in California's Orange County on November 17, 1966,
Jeff Buckley emerged in New York City's avant-garde club
scene in the 1990's as one of the most remarkable musical
artists of his generation. His first commercial recording,
the four-song EP Live At Sin-e, was released in December
1993 on Columbia Records in the United States and Big Cat
Records in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The EP captured Buckley, accompanying himself on electric
guitar, in a tiny club in New More...

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Review about Jeff Buckley songs
Don't forget Gary Lucas | Reviewer: Silversurfer
    ------ About the song Mojo Pin performed by Jeff Buckley

A magnificent song - but don't forget that it was the brilliant geniuis guitarist Gary Lucas who write the music for this song.

Check out the album (with demo versions) of Jeff & Gary called 'Songs to No-one'.

RIP Jeff

Achingly beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lover, You Should've Come Over performed by Jeff Buckley

How incredible that Jeff was able to translate such deep personal feelings into the brilliant music & lyrics of Lover. His voice transcends every human emotion that I have ever felt. His loss is a tragedy to all who love music.

Bible stories | Reviewer: Roger
    ------ About the song Hallelujah performed by Jeff Buckley

The first two verses of this classic are Bible stories. It starts out with David, who played a harp and whose heart pleased The Lord. But King David was also a man, he fell for his neighbor's wife and stole her. The second half of the verse transports and is inclusive of stories from David to Samson, but is really about all the Old Testament stories about the pitfalls of lust and love, and the price that women can extract from their men.
The rest of the song builds on this universal human love story of rejection and betrayal.
It is a song that leaves you thinking about your lost loves.

Wonderful Jeff | Reviewer: Steven1874
    ------ About the song Hallelujah performed by Jeff Buckley

This beautiful, wonderfuly thought provoking song, for me does what so very few songs do. It draws in our enquiring minds with bueatifuly balanced, mysterious lyrics, giving seed to further inner thought, thought that for some, may be among the deepest, most insightful and spiritually profound they have. If he or she, anybody, arrives at a meaning of such a song as this, It's safe to say it's arrived at more through personalising the song, relating the lyrics to ourselves as we attempt to find context in our experience, than it is by considering what the writer was thinking about. Mr Cohen may have had his meaning, but he gave us such wonderfully ambiguous lyrics, that anyone who silently thinks on this songs meaning works out the right answer. For me its a man lamenting his percieved faliure in love, knowing that in love was the closest he has come to God or heaven. This powerful song can change a person, but no bad could ever, ever come from it. It has made me a better man.

    ------ About the song Lilac Wine performed by Jeff Buckley

i never try to forget this song because this song never left me . i recently heard the original version and other performance and ... but of course the lyric is great but ... song performed only once ...

Just wondering | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Real performed by Jeff Buckley

I always think this is an ode to his father and a foreshadowing of his own coming death. Even though it could be about a lover I interpret the lyrics to be about Jeff being torn between his life on Earth with his mother and a chance to reunite and make music with his father in the afterlife.

Halleluyah | Reviewer: Olamide Christiana
    ------ About the song Hallelujah performed by Jeff Buckley

Ths is such a wonderful song, it broke me down nd remould me, when ever i heard ths song, i go online to search for the lyrics then i sing along, no song hav ever touch me ths way, u wl undstnd what am feelg only whn u listen to ths song.. So emotional, sad story if knw whr to find th story in the bible, i so much love & enjoy ths song.. Tnx jeff

my understanding of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hallelujah performed by Jeff Buckley

I think the song teaches us to praise GOD in whatever situation we are.The bible says there is no condemnation for those who are in christ that in the spirit and not in the flesh. king david knows how to appease GOD everytime he does a wrong thing,that doesn't mean he takes GOD for guaranted but he just doesn't allow the devil to make him feel condemned eventhough he always admits his sins by confessing his sins and praising is a lesson that christians must learn that we shouldn't feel condemned and rejected for our sins but we should rather receive boldness to confess our sins and praise GOD in whatever situation we find ourselves
be it good or bad. We should Also forgive and not to revenge.

tanish goodbye from ur life | Reviewer: pooja to tanish
    ------ About the song Last Goodbye performed by Jeff Buckley

Hi babe, I don't know why I am writing this, because I really hope that this letter never gets to you, because if it does that means I am dead. It also means I never had time to show you just how much I really did love you. you have shown me what love is and what it feels like to be loved. Every time you kissed me and our lips touched so softly, I could feel it. I got the same magical feeling as our first kiss. I could feel it when our hearts get so closely and they are beating as one. You are the beat of my heart, the soul in my body; you are me, because without you I am nothing. I love you, shona, You are the person I know I could turn to when I needed help , you are the person I looked at when I needed to smile and you are the person I went to when I needed a hug. When I am away, it is like I have left my soul at your side. shona, I want to say something and I mean this more than I ever did before. You were the love of my life, the boy of my dreams. Just because I have left away does not mean I am not with you. I'll always be there looking over you, keeping you safe. So whenever you feel lonely, just close your eyes and I'll be there, right by your side. I will always remember the very first time we met, the very first time my lips touched your lips, the very first time you wrapped your arms around me and rested your head on my shoulder. Your smile your way of looking at me will always be fresh in my memories. I still have some hope deep in my heart that someday my undying love will bring you back in my I know things will never be the same but …. I just can’t stop myself .. I still love you.. I still yearn for your love.It’s been a long time when I saw your lovely face; no matter for how many more days I won’t get to see you still your memories and my love for you will never fade away. No matter we will meet in second year but,
There are so many unanswered questions in my mind that sometimes it forces me to approach you to get the answers and say a final goodbye to you. At the same time I want you to come to a realization where my undying love for you will make you come to me. Sooner or later.. It doesn’t matter .. I am still waiting for you… and will always will. No matter you come to me or not.. I will never have any regrets in life of loving you… of holding you in my arms of dreaming to be with you forever..till the time I am alive..
Your expression of love was just saying “I love you” but you never proved it with your actions that you actually love me. You have lost the respect in my eyes of the number of lies you tell me every day, You would remember about missing “romance” in the relationship but you would never choose to show or express of care and love. I sincerely wish you to have someone else who shares the same dreams, towards life.
I guess the only thing that went wrong is me falling in love with you and the No one is to blame. Not you, nor me, nor whoever else is sharing you with happy and goodbye from your life. Khushi to tumi shona last I love you and with it goodbye also

amazing | Reviewer: matthew
    ------ About the song I Know It's Over performed by Jeff Buckley

Jeff shows his creativity with this song and uses his power to make every lyric extremely emotive. I have listened to this song hundreds upon thousands of times and it still brings out deep memories in me. Thank you Jeff

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