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Jean Shepard Biography

Last updated: 09/02/2014 06:16:11 PM

To be called a legend in the entertainment industry, one must first be a pioneer and then proceed to accomplish many more "firsts".

JEAN SHEPARD has done that and much more. A sample listing of some of her "firsts" includes: *Starring in the 1st network country music show, THE OZARK JUBILEE.

*The 1st female in country music to sell a million records.
*The 1st country music female vocalist to overdub her voice on records.
*The 1st country music female to make a color TV commercial.
*The 1st female country singer to be a member of the GRAND OLE OPRY for 47 years.

Born in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, Jean spent most of her formative years in Visalia, California. She was one of 10 children who Jean says were all musically inclined. Because music was such an important part of her life it was only natural that in her early teens, Jean helped form and become the lead singer in an all girl band called "THE MELODY RANCH GIRLS".

Fate took a hand almost immediately. In one of her early performances with the Melody Ranch Girls, Jean appeared with the great Hank Thompson. He was impressed enough with the talented newcomer to arrange introductions which ultimately lead to Jean's recording contract with Capitol Records. For over twenty-one years Jean Shepard remained under contract to Capitol, selling countless millions of records including the NUMBER 1 HITS: "The Dear John Letter", "Beautiful Lies", "Many Happy Hangovers", "Seven Lonely Days", "Then He Touched Me", "Satisfied Mind" and "Second Fiddle".

In the early 70's Jean moved to United Artists Records where she continued to have NUMBER 1 RECORDS such as: "Slippin Away", "Poor Sweet Baby", "At The Time" and "Tips of My Fingers".

Jean has recorded over 35 albums which included so many hit records it's easy to understand why Jean's career hit it's peak and stayed there.

Although, Jean is married to Benny Birchfield, a musician, singer and prominent member of Nashville's music community, she still maintains a busy road performance schedule. THE JEAN SHEPARD SHOW is a self contained unit consisting of a 4 piece group she calls "The Second Fiddles". Their reputation as one of the finest traveling bands on the road today is well deserved. Their versatility is displayed night after night on stages around the world as well as on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Their music ranges from the great traditional to the new modern sounds of country music as well as a sprinkling of good ole down home Gospel.

Admired by her peers and emulated by ever so many up and coming female country singers, Jean Shepard is a steadfast pillar of the compliment of grand performing ladies who have graced the stage of the Grand Ole Opry as well as country music stages around the world.

The late Gentlemen Jim Reeves was often quoted when he said, "all the girl singers should sound like Jean Shepard. She always hits her notes, holds them and wraps them around an audience like nobody else can".

Award winning record producer Joe Allison says, "if you took all the good points of all the girl singers and wrapped them up in one package, you would have Jean Shepard".

Countless millions of fans all whole heartedly agree. The Jean Shepard Show is a "MUST SEE" show, be it on the Grand Ole Opry stage, in concert with a symphony, at a State Fair or right in your own home town.