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The Jayhawks are an American band, and not just because
they covered Grand Funk Railroad's "Bad Time" on their '95
album. Tomorrow the Green Grass. Fifteen years ago, the
Minneapolis band practically invented the
Americana/alt-country movement with their patented brand
ofrootsy pop-rock. But even then, the Jayhawks' music was
just as informed by singer/songwriter Gary Louris' love of
British Invasion bands.

The band's prominence on the contemporary rock scene is
attested to by Rolling Stone's inclusion of their classic
'92 effort, More...

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Reviews about Jayhawks songs

Why did it take so long | Reviewer: Kent
    ------ About the song Save It For A Rainy Day performed by Jayhawks

So ive been hearing this song, and i know that ive known the jist of it for some time. but i googled the lyrics. . . its amazing. i am just sitting her jamming it out and like crying. My friend just found out she was pregnant (not planned) and i believe that is what this song is about.Marina partied to hard and got pregnant, but the message is dont get down. you always have a choice, and you can still be sombody. that is so true. . . and so powerful. . im getting this cd for her.

This song makes me cry | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Save It For A Rainy Day performed by Jayhawks

This song is so beautiful, man. Definitely 70s homage material...I still can't quite pinpoint the influence...kinda like their cover of "Bad Time" (Grand Funk)...with Crosby and Nash backups on the chorus...

But mostly solid Jayhawks with Gary Louris' wondrous voice and the walk-on solo in the break...


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