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AT millennium's end, the hottest rapper in pop music is
Jay-Z. Since the release of his quadruple-platinum Vol. II
… Hard Knock Life, Jay-Z has had an incredible string of
urban radio hits: "Can I Get a …," "Hard Knock Life,"
"Jigga What, Jigga Who," "Money, Cash" … the list goes on
and on. And unlike many of today's most popular rap
artists, he built an extensive catalog of hits before
making his mark on the charts and enjoys underground
respectability as well as mainstream acceptance.

Longtime rap fans may remember Jay-Z as an More...

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Review about Jay-Z songs
join illuminati | Reviewer: illuminati agent
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

If you want to be rich,wealthy,famous,influential,stardom,and you want your dreams to come through,then you have the chance to do that,join the illuminati today to get $25000 every 3 days and $1000000 membership blessing for doing what you love to do best.contact famousilluminatiorder@gmail.com today to change your life for the better

Jay-z is born talented and loyal to this game | Reviewer: Latson
    ------ About the song I Just Died performed by Jay-Z

I've been listening this song ever since 2007 and yet I never get tired of it,this is due to the fact that this song had been composed probably to cover a period of more than a century as it never been affected by changes in taste of the listeners including me...

corrections to lyrics | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Brooklyn High performed by Jay-Z

didn't they ever tell you don't f with a man's family he'll f with yours
.. you kidnapped mine (look at tyra banks.. nothing much wrong with her but anyways..)

the line goes you kidnapped mine. my n i will click clack pushya wig back further than tyra banks hair line

not head line.. what is that?

it's her hair line. headline is the last act of a night or whatever.. he's talking about her hairline.. i think of that line as like for a guy that would be weird to picture your hair like that.. but tyra she's excellent. like i mean. that's my family. if jay-z wanna get all crazy on her i got some real disses comin
not what up with y'all.. it's he'll f with yours

peace. i have a feeling i'm gonna find like 20 more before i finish reading it. out

American Dreamin | Reviewer: Valeria Frierson
    ------ About the song American Dreamin' performed by Jay-Z

This song is so righteous! It has the feel of the 70's, the spirit of Marvin and the realness that only Jay Z can bring. Love this brother. Im a TRUE fan of this man and his music!

Man is a greedy soul | Reviewer: Jack Rasco, The Rat
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

What is the important of selling your soul, which you should know that lusifer is looking for members to join him in his internal torment. What was those who sell out their God giving soul thinking of, that there is no God but there is a devil? They were crazy anyway, and they will follow him to hell!

Help is on the way and it's called 2016 | Reviewer: SoTiredOfB.O.
    ------ About the song 99 Problems performed by Jay-Z

How many times has b.o. had this turd at the White House? Wanna bet the 3 Oaklahoma shi**eads own every jz cd? On the bright side when they all go off to prison hopefully for life they soon bees understanding alls 'bout being a *itch.

You ... | Reviewer: Boy
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

All your comments do is prove what utter morons you are. Yep, keep on blaming the White man for your problems. It's not the fact you're a bunch of lazy fuckers looking for trouble all the time, hanging your pants down your ass, is it?

Noooooo. It's always da whiteys fault. Of course, you still can't reconcile the fact that it was your BLACK slave masters who sold you. Slavery has been in Africa since the time of the Pharaoes. Oh, by the way, the people that bought you weren't White. They were Latinos.

Here's an idea. Pull your pants up. Go get a job. If you don't get a job, stop saying it's because of your color of skin. It could be because you're an ignorant fuck who didn't bother to finish high school because you're keepin' it real. It could be your shitty attitude.

And last, stop believing in a god that doesn't exist. But since everything else you idiots believe is a delusion, I doubt you'll give that one up anytime soon either.

You own nothing in this world | Reviewer: mathands
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

Nobody owns anything, not even a grain of sand. When u die u leave everything behind and that includes your physical body. No bling is worth it. If u like somethig shiny, look at the star

confused | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

I know that god exist sometmes i fl lik joing illuminati to be famous and the most wantd girl at xul the i remember God e.g today i felt empty and i was wishng i could jst die or sell ma soul fo money wat shuld i do

"The truth!" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song D'Evils performed by Jay-Z

It is true tht the word hell came 4rom a habrew word whch means soil.it is writn in da bible dat man cam 4rom dust and it is the sam dust dat man will retun 2.there is no such things as going to heaven coz earth is our home,dis is onetin a man cneva change.

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