Javier Colon Albums

  • Come Through For You Album (11/21/2011)
    Life Is Getting Better
    Raise Your Hand
    As Long As We Got Love
    Happy Sinner
    Come Through For You
    1,000 Lights
    Ok, Here's The Truth
    How Many People Can Say That
    Stand Up
    Bonus Tracks
    The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
    Make It In Love
    Drop In The Ocean
    Stitch By Stitch

  • Left Of Center Album (6/1/2006)
    Indecent Proposal
    Dance For Me
    The Answer Is Yes
    Can I Talk To You
    Lovin' U
    Dance For Me (The Reggaeton Remix)

  • Javier Album (8/5/2003)
    Beautiful U R
    Song For Your Tears
    Slow Motion
    Hey Little Sister
    Biggest Mistake
    If I Never Get To Heaven
    In Your Hands
    She'll Never Know

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