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Release Date: 10/15/2002
Tracks in Waiting for My Rocket to Come: You And I Both, I'll Do Anything, Remedy (I Won't Worry), Who Needs Shelter, Curbside Prophet, Sleep All Day, Too Much Food, Absolutely Zero, On Love, In Sadness, No Stopping Us, Boy's Gone, Tonight, Not Again

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Mr.A-Z | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/8/11

i grew up listening to jason mraz and im 11 now. but one thing i like about him is hes not afraid to sound like a girl. i dont mean him any offense, trust me. his voice can be in so many songs that have completely different emotions. im an alternative music girl and i absolutely adore jason mraz. i love his voice in mr.curiousity. i am a music nerd in general so im hard to impress when it comes to music but jason automatically got my attention. and i wish to give him the highest praise a fellow singer can give. im not famous or anything, especially since im 11, but i am a HUGE music criticizer. i cant find anything to criticize when it comes to mr.mraz. i look for any way to critisize any music group or singer, and rarely do i not. but jasons an exception. you can say im most likely not 11, but im considered and unstimulatable being. im hard to be kept stimulated, but not for music. i hide behind it when my moms angry (which is common). that and art. ill tell you one thing, im a ~talented artist~, but im a special selected singer and im quoting someone when i say this,~ive never heard such a voice on such a young person. i can take this girl to be more than an acknowledged singer, shell be at the top. she can sing any genre on most octaves. especially by jason mraz who has a voice she can relate to.~ i sang beautiful mess by jason mraz for a selective choir that helps people who can sing, get along in the music world as an adult. and im not trying to brag because this is what i have to say for jason, your music helped me improve my voice and got me where i am. you didnt directly do it, but you made the music and thats enough for me. thank you for reading. :)

Perfect music for anytime... | Reviewer: Sarah Palmer | 12/4/09

It really can be played at anytime...your album waiting for my rocket to come is one of the best collections of music....No matter what my mood your music has a deafening appropriate value to the moment..I can't say enough about your contribution to the music that lasts "the ages" lol

Sarah Palmer

waiting... | Reviewer: dolce26 | 2/1/09

I got this album by accident. My frnd resiv the album as a gift however he alredy hav a copy of it. So, he askd me f i want it and jst reimburs it. I agreed not knowing how much i wud really love it. Its so relaxing. The album has much emotions. It's like lìstening and connecting with the singer as if he's in front of you. I so admire Jason Mraz.

Just that good! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/05

This album is so brilliant. Not only can this guy sing on this album but he can play his guitar like never before. Its so listen-able (dunno, if thats a word, but you know what i mean!).
He has his faster more poppy stuff like "You & I Both" and "The Remedy" on here, but then comes out with Absolutely Zero, which is such an wonderful song - its amazing to think all 3 songs can come from the mind of one person!
So all up, this is a wicked CD, worth the money spent :)

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