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It takes a very special gift to meld internal revelation
with eternal truth and create songs that strike a universal
chord with both enlightened scholars and struggling broken
souls, but Jason Gray has that gift. Never afraid to look
inward for inspiration and just as ready to analyze the
world around him, Gray is called to create music that makes
a difference and he continues to share that gift with
passion and conviction on his new album.

On his latest Centricity Music album, A Way To See In The
Dark, Gray once again exercises his gift for channeling
complex emotions and bold More...

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Submit Jason Gray New Lyrics

Review about Jason Gray songs
Asleep in the Light | Reviewer: Dennis Trimble
    ------ About the song With Every Act of Love performed by Jason Gray

There was another Christian song from the 1970's that spoke of our (Christians) tendency to keep our salvation to ourselves, rather than sharing it with unbelievers. That song was filled with righteous condemnation; Jason Gray has managed to put a much more positive spin on Christian outreach, really encouraging us to "put legs to our faith." The first verse, especially, illustrates so beautifully the phrase "I'd rather SEE a sermon than HEAR one!"

Perfect song | Reviewer: Jami
    ------ About the song Good To Be Alive performed by Jason Gray

After having a stroke at age 43 and the mother of 4 young children, this song played on the way to my children's ballgames, my first outing since the stroke. All 6 of us were singing at the top of our lungs, and it had a whole new meaning for me! Life is beautiful and God is so good!

Thank you for such an amazing song!

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