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All Time Low Jasey Rae Lyrics

Last updated: 01/06/2012 10:00:00 AM

Lights out,
I still hear the rain,
These images that fill my head,
Now keep my fingers from making mistakes,
Tell my voice what it takes,
To speak up,
Speak up,
and keep my conscience clean when I wake.

Don't make this easy,
I want you to mean it,
Jasey. (say you'll mean it)
You're dressed to kill,
I'm calling you out, (don't waste your time on me)

Now there's an aching in my back;
a stabbing pain that says I lack,
the common sense and confidence,
to bring an end to promises,
that I make in times of desperate conversation,
hoping my night could be better than theirs in the end.
Just say when.

Don't make this easy,
I want you to mean it,
Jasey. (say you'll mean it)
You're dressed to kill,
I'm calling you out, (don't waste your time on me)

I've never told a lie,
and that makes me a liar,
I've never made a bet,
but we gamble with desire,
I've never lit a match,
with intent to start a fire,
but recently the flames,
are getting out of control.
Call me a name,
Kill me with words,
Forget about me,
It's what I deserve,
I was your chance,
to get out of this town,
but I ditched the car,
and left you to,

Wait outside,
I hope the air will serve to remind you,
that my heart is as cold as the clouds of your breath,
and my words are as timed as the beating in my chest.
(in my chest)

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Review | Reviewer: Calvin | 1/6/12

This song has always been great. I didn't know the girl Jasey was a real girl though. Holy shit. I doubt that he actually told her at the time that he couldn't take her with him though, he was probably wasted. Thanks for at least trying to apologize though.

What I heard: | Reviewer: Morgan | 5/15/11

This song is about a girl, obviously named Jasey Rae, who met Alex back in 2006, and they pretty much had a fling. She gave him sex, and he left, because that's all he wanted. He then wrote this song to apologize to her, and she now hates the band.

iloveit<3 | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/3/11

so i think this song is about how alex made a promise with this girl, slept with her... and then left. hes saying be mean to me and hurt me because i did the same to you. so yeah. love this song. <33333333333333333333333333333

realx. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/11

I get it that this song is about something alex did and that he's apologising for it
But, seriously. All you people are acting as if you know him personally and crap.
chill and realise that he could have done much worse.
Just relax and enjoy the music.

ATL is freaking brill, tbh.

Jasey Rae | Reviewer: Tiffany | 11/27/10

ok. people keep saying how alex isn't perfect and all this shit because of what he did to jasey. OBVIOUSLY. just because he made a mistake doesn't make him a bad person. he admitted it, more than most people can do. and he apologized to her.

true story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

I've known jasey for years. We used to go to shows together way back when... a long standing member of the Jaggard "family", so to speak. There was a venue here in Altoona; the Jaggard st. united methodist church, known colloquially as simply "Jaggard". The scene that filled this venue was so much more than a scene. It was a family. But in september 2008, some kid got hit by a car and sued the church and the promoter, and that was the end of that.

Anyway, ATL has played there at least half a dozen times over the years. I've played at least two of those shows(that I remember... mind you, ATL wasn't all that big or memorable back then, and I was far more concerned with getting drunk and laid than I was watching the headlining bands) He met her when he played a show here on tour, for one. It wasn't a high school thing. I had a pretty big crush on her around this time, and I was bummed out when I heard what happened between them. She really isn't the kind of girl that would normally just do that either, so I figured there was more to it than what I heard.

I remember the first time ATL came back to town after they "made it". I had just walked up to jasey as alex said "this songs called jasey rae" in a very rushed, awkward sort of way, because he knew she was there, and that the majority of the people there knew it as well. It was the elephant in the middle of the room that nobody talked about. A very awkward moment.

I know that most of the people reading this are huge ATL fans, so I figure you'd appreciate some info.

Interesting fact: she was homecoming queen her senior year 2004-2005, years before this song existed, and we all thought it was awesome that such a prominent member of the hardcore scene won homecoming queen.

I love this song so much. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

This song really touches me. I don't know why, but it does. It even makes me teary. I think it's because of what this song is about, and the way Alex sings it with such passion. It's full of so much meaning. It's just plain amazing. ♥

Alex is only human!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/10

Yeah, I see what everyone is saying about how he hurt jasey and all. and Alex is a human too, he makes mistakes! And actually.. I would like to think about this stuff when I go to meet Alex, because.. when you really think about it, it just shows how human he is and that he isnt some diva star.. he admits to mistakes and he isnt fake! its easy to get all caught up in it.. ya know? I mean he is very talented and sweet.. but sweet guys make bad choices too.. its only human. trust me, you know someone in your life, friend, family, or yourself that has had a one night stand, or made promises too big to carry out.. again.. ONLY HUMAN. Great Song, Great Band ATL

Beautiful! | Reviewer: spencer | 6/3/10

This is the greatest song ive ever heard. At first when i heard the song i liked it but the story behind it means so much more. I feel really bad for Jasey and i think Alex is a douchebag and shouldnt have treated her the way he did. He is such a tool and even though this is a good song, if i were her, i still wouldnt forgive him. He is bogus for doing that. That kind of pisses me off when people like alx act that way. Anyways, this song means alot to me. And sorry jasey that he did that too u.

Truth. | Reviewer: Jaseysheartbreak | 3/2/10

Alex SAID What this song is about. It's an apology. To a girl named Jasey Rae who lives in Pennsylvania. He was NEVER in a relationship with this girl!

Basically, Alex promised that he would get the girl out of her town and take them on tour with them. He was prob drunk, but that's just me.

Anyway, he couldn't take her away, obviously. So this song is written as an apology to her. He says they still visit her when they visit Pennsyvlania.

To ge into more detail:
the first verse is about how he told the girl that he couldn't take her with him. He's remembering what he said ( I still hear the rain) and has a one night stand with her to ease the pain I guess.

Second verse: Almost like a flashbak. When Jasey made the promise, and how he really wants her to mean it because she's getting this one in a million opprotunity.

Third verse: this is tough. He's realising that he can't do this, and is figuring out a good time to tell her.

Fourth: same as second.

Fifth: He tells her. It's not pretty. He feels bad and realizes that he deserves basically everythig that's coming at him. Jasey sound pissed and upset.

Sixth: he tells Jasey to remember that he's a liar.

:) glad to clear that up.

Sigh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

you people gotta relax.
Alex isn't perfect, okay. He's human and he's a boy. Boy's usually do things like that but see he regrets it which some other boys don't actually.
And what he did wasn't the worst thing ever because this is common.

For me I see the bright side of people even if it's hard to find. So I still think Alex is great.

Anyways, I love this song.

So Cold... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

Yeah, my name is Jaci.. Supposed to be pronounced like Jackie, but most people say Jasey.
I love this song. Alex is amazing.
But I hate the meaning...
Because I did this.
I think this song is talking about how Alex lied just to get into a relationship with a pretty girl, and made promises like I'll love you forever, I'll always be here, something like that.
Just for her.
But he leaves, and she feels betrayed, sad, angry, so much else.
And now he regrets what he did.
Because he realizes that for him to do something to someone, so heartlessly, and without any concern for her feelings, is verging on evil.
....I'm sorry Zack. I'm so, so sorry</3

:) | Reviewer: Allison | 10/22/09

im complely in love with this song. and yes, alex made a horrible, horrible mistake and it makes me sad that he did this to her, but at least he admits it. like when he says "call me a name. kill me with wors. forget about me. its what i deserve." at least he's saying "be mean to me, i hurt you, so now you hurt me."
ugh, it made sense in my head. . . .

think about it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/09

next time anyone here mentions how they LOVE alex...think about what the song is about, and what he really did to jasey. is he so perfect now? is she still lucky?
yes the song is amazing. just remember that alex isn't perfect. far from it, in fact...i wouldn't wish what he did on my worst enemy.

Jasey Rae | Reviewer: Audioxoxo | 9/8/09

I read a girl named jasey rae's myspace blog about her and a guy and there are striking similarities between her story and this song. Her username is golden_tearz and her page says she's in holland, but who knows. Parts of it are hard to understand- she says he had blackouts and didn't remember breaking up with her but in the song he talks about waking up with a clear conscience, so maybe he blacks out when he doesn't want to remember bad things..wish I could do that