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Chevelle Jars Lyrics

Last updated: 03/21/2010 11:00:00 AM

Hold onto chance
Lest we bleed ourselves
Save for the pets
They’re the loneliest

Put into jars
We’ll save this earth
Put into jars
We’ll save this earth

We can’t both become the same pawn
That's made to fall
Oil that tastes like
Blood stole the summer scent
From me to you
You're stabbing me through you
You're stabbing you through him
And betting most of
This world
We’ll add enough of the world

Steal from yourselves
It never felt so good
And feed from their hand
Confuse by opposites

Put into jars
We’ll save this earth
Put into jars
Keep safe this earth

Feeling manic for a day
Depends on the trend
Depends on the surface
If the sun never sets

This world
We’ll add enough of the world
Is the main thing you’ll shout
Till the bitter end

Into Jars

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Sweet Song. | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/21/10

This song is awesome, but it doesn't get enough airplay. It's so great, and it's catchy. The guitars are amazing, the vocals are awesome... These guys just never fail to disappoint. The new album? Highly recommended. Go out and buy it, or else you'll be missing out. This song is sweet!

the best by far | Reviewer: Lauraaaa | 9/10/09

i gotta say, this is most likely my favorite song on the new album, followed closely by mexican sun. it's honestly been stuck in my head for the past week since i've got it. it's amazing to see how chevelle has grown as a band since point #1 and i'm soooooo excited to see what they bring us next. :)