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"This is a record that expresses God's relentless pursuit
of us as human beings," remarks Charlie on the overall
motivation behind the project. "It's because of His
unconditional love for us that we are allowed to be exactly
who we are."

The Eleventh Hour

Four years ago, a band of eager, but completely unprepared,
young musicians came together in a sort of "dormitory
acoustic group" at Greenville College in Illinois. Not even
thinking about an actual career in music, they began to
write songs more for the fun of it than anything. More...

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Review about Jars Of Clay songs
Intro | Reviewer: Billy
    ------ About the song He performed by Jars Of Clay

I hear the intro to this song, and my eyes fill with tears. Before a word is even spoken. This tells me the Spirit of God is present. My thoughts go directly to my grandchildren. They are in a loving home, but are exposed to the world, where anything can happen. Sadly, in todays society, you hear more about animal abuse than child abuse. Forgive us Lord...

Awesome | Reviewer: Ajax
    ------ About the song Sinking performed by Jars Of Clay

This is awesome! Just looked up the lyrics to see if I misheard them. The meaning of the song applies to one friend I have who really needs Jesus' help right now, and I love that. Jars of Clay is my favorite band(sometimes I say Dan Haseltine rules our planet)and I'm happy to support them. I am missing only a couple albums but hope to get them soon. Love you guys! Jars of Clay forever! Amen!

"A Wish For Love" | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song Five Candles (You Were There) performed by Jars Of Clay

Dan has always been such a gifted writer, reflecting the truth in both a beautiful, and brutally honest light. As a musician, I aspire to be half the artist he is. If you're a diehard Jars fan as I am, then you have probably noticed he has quite a few songs expressing what seems to be childhood memories and fears, and his desire to be loved and accepted. This song, especially, makes it seem like those desires were not a reality for him as a child.

I think the title "Five Candles" is pretty self-explanatory (his fifth birthday). When he says " Pray that when the wick is burned it's all about love" , he means he needs to know his parent's love is not based on his accomplishments, but that it's there no matter what.

Notice how first he says "You were there when I needed you...", but goes on to say "You were never here". I think he's switching there from his birthday wish (for them to be there) to his reality (that they were not there for him).

When he recalls them saying their love was "more than good intentions", they are saying they failed to show him that love, but are trying to convince him they love him anyway. (It sounds like it's too late).

Then, he says "empty boxes on the floor...things I never asked you for". I think this means they bought him all these presents (material things), but that only hurt him more, because they could not give him the one thing he needed...love. I think he would have traded all the presents to feel loved.

That analysis makes me really sad, but it's a reality for many children today. Children are impressionable. and it's so important that we say "I love you", and let them know that love is UNCONDITIONAL...that they can't do anything to change it.

Flashdance is more than a feeling. It is a reality. Western International High School | Reviewer: Princess Barbara Granddaughter of Florence Alma Kallenbach
    ------ About the song Revolution performed by Jars Of Clay

I am so grateful to get through my dad's passing with the love of God in Jars of Clay. Jesus carries me like the weight of a butterfly , while i feel like I have the whole world on my shoulders. He is a strong God and refuge. Amen

Needed this today... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Frail performed by Jars Of Clay

I'm on a journey right now. I've been ignoring my pain my whole life. I'm 33 now. It's been a long time I've been hiding in a closet of pain. I now see that the pain I've been trying to squelch is God trying to talk to me.

"I'm not of this world" | Reviewer: F.A Thomas
    ------ About the song I'll Fly Away performed by Jars Of Clay

For the first time i heard this song, my soul quickly attach to heaven and every things on earth became meaningless to me cos this earth is not mine, my home is far away in Heaven and one day i'll fly away to my home far away.

It lifts me out of the valley! | Reviewer: Liz
    ------ About the song God Will Lift Up Your Head performed by Jars Of Clay

"God will lift up your head" is an amazing song that encourages me, energizes me, and lifts me out of the valley of self doubt and discouragement onto the mountaintop of faith. I am reminded of God's love and care for me with a beat that makes me want to play air guitar and worship God with all I am! I HAVE to crank the volume and sing along whenever I hear that awesome song!

Uplifting | Reviewer: Maureen
    ------ About the song Nothing But The Blood performed by Jars Of Clay

I enjoy this rendition of Nothing But The Blood by Jars of Clay with Blind Boys of Alabama so much that I play it time after time in praise and worship to our Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement for my sin. I have shared this version with many friends that are very moved as well.

The land of Joy | Reviewer: Ezra Ibian
    ------ About the song I'll Fly Away performed by Jars Of Clay

I lost a friend in 2006, the feelings from this song made me felt she had found rest. And now 23rd Apr 2012, four days ago, my younger brother "Lucky" slump & died while in Depot NA " Nigerian Army trainning" & this song has been wonderful & I just know He is in the Land of Joy.

blessed | Reviewer: meinthought
    ------ About the song Sinking performed by Jars Of Clay

heard this song a long time ago but didn't really understand what the message was. i was just after the melody. this is actually the first time i've seen the lyrics and man i feel blessed. this song has a powerful message. one of my friends is an unbeliever and she cringes at the thought of God and eternity but i know she's just afraid. i might just have her listen to this song. again, I'm blessed. i pray that God will bless Jars of Clay with another album.

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