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Jamie T Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2012 12:00:00 PM

Born of the same thriving south London scene that spawned the likes of the Mystery Jets, Jamie T (the ‘T’ is for terrific, one might guess) is a new talent thriving on a similar kind of artistic freedom, cheekiness and intelligence that granted those Eel-Pie dwellers a place in our hearts. Manage to catch him in a more intimate setting (as we did at our own Basement Club not too long ago) and you’ll be treated to yarns spun with only an acoustic bass guitar by way of accompaniment, the limitations of that deep, four stringed tool not hampering his ability to capture the attention of all within earshot.

His own Pacemaker Records saw the release of many a mix tape and self recorded EP, and through its efforts the development of a considerable fan base for our young hero. These days, Jamie T on record can be a different, though equally as rewarding, experience. Ideas left raw in their live form are developed, improved and pulled in to focus, peppered with additional instrumentation to create a humble carnival of Wimbledon charisma. Precisely.

Nowadays, Virgin Records very much back his every move, the association with such big players however not causing Mr T to forget the kind of environment in which he was birthed – those turning up early enough to his Panic Prevention Disco at Soho’s delightfully rickety 12 Bar will get to see hand picked artists deemed in need of a leg up, as well as similarly minded acts such as Vincent Vincent and the Villains gracing the stage. It’s soon to embark on a tour around the country – you know what to do.

Did we mention he’s only 20? Makes you feel like you’ve wasted your life – or if you’re 19 or under, that you should start doing something with it – no?