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Long before Robbie was even in Take That, years before the
Pop Idols had even heard of Cole Porter, Jamie Cullum was
experimenting with not only the music of his youth (from
grunge to heavy metal) but also the tunes sung by cool
people in suits he found liberally populating his parents
record collection. Taking the lead from his older brother
Ben an 8 year Jamie took up guitar, piano and eventually
singing. It wasn’t untill deep into his A Level studies
where Jamie seemed to be moving swiftly towards an academic
career, that he More...

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Review about Jamie Cullum songs
Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down | Reviewer: Nana
    ------ About the song Love ain't gonna let you down (full version) performed by Jamie Cullum

4th line in bridge should be: I'll be your Fabrice without the war. It is a fictional character from a favorite book of his wife Sophie. Please correct.

Recollections | Reviewer: Samreen M
    ------ About the song Sad, Sad World performed by Jamie Cullum

I heard this song again and again and every time when I listened, it took me back into my past. It is truly said that that universality is the main merit of poetry. It unites us all in the sense that every one who reads some lyrics or listens to the music feels that it is just made for him or her. Boundaries become meaningless; it doesn't matter to which industry it belongs.

Samreen M

Even the engel can be sedated by this song ! | Reviewer: Mutegeki Jonathan
    ------ About the song What A Difference A Day Made performed by Jamie Cullum

I heard this song this year. its probably my first time to listen to it. what a great song !!! it is real chloroform ! Jamie Cullum is a genuine artist. i like the instrumentals and vocals cause i am also an upcoming musicians of such type. sounds African American spirituals i like this......long lost music. thanks

Stop comparing. | Reviewer: Nicolas
    ------ About the song Lover, You Should Have Come Over performed by Jamie Cullum

Why does everybody have the need to compare the different versions of the song? Both versions are beautiful in their own way, and I feel like nostalgists are upset because Jamie 'ruined' the original song, which is just plain bullshit. He's made his own personal rendition of the song, and when you listen to it, you can't deny that the emotion he's put into the song is really strong, and I always get touched by it.

genial! | Reviewer: Elaine
    ------ About the song Mixtape performed by Jamie Cullum

Ich bin unglaublich begeistert von Jamie Cullum. Seine Musik geht mir direkt ins Blut, löst Glücksgefühle in mir aus, löst innere Spannungen, lässt mich durchs Leben tänzeln.... Er ist genial, einfach unglaublich. Diese Art von Musik macht mich glücklich... :)

Our Day Will Come | Reviewer: brandiejeaux
    ------ About the song Our Day Will Come performed by Jamie Cullum

Our Day Will Come has a beautiful melody to accompany the words and is projected through the clear voice of Jamie Cullum and portrays the hopes, dreams and challenges of young love and the anticipation of the day it will culminate.

this guy is a genius! | Reviewer: pia
    ------ About the song Everlasting Love performed by Jamie Cullum

so i usually love listening to rock music like 3 doors down, then i heard jamie cullum and - BOOM! i never thought i could fall in love with a jazz-voice, but it happened. this is actually one of my favourite songs, it's got this 80's feeling.. yes, i know that it's a cover, but he made this song his song.

p.s.: i'm a 15yearoldgermangirl, so don't wonder about mistakes (;

Great Song! | Reviewer: Lucas
    ------ About the song All At Sea performed by Jamie Cullum

I love Jamie Cullum, and this is my favorite song now. I think it's about getting alone to reflect about life, yourself, and this kind of things. Sometimes I do it, even before I heard this song, I would go alone to the beach in a time where there's virtually nobody there, and then I sit to think about everything, with the breeze on my face and just the sound of the waves. Jamie may have written this song in a similar moment.

Wrong Words! | Reviewer: Ana
    ------ About the song In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning performed by Jamie Cullum

The song goes, "in the wee samll hours of the morning, when the whole wide world is fast asleep, you lie awake and think about the boy (girl) and vever ever think of counting sheep, when your lonely heart has learned its lesson youd be his (hers) if only he (she) would call in the wee small hours of the morning thats the time you miss her (him0 the most of all"... maybe the one above is a different version but the one i ALWAYS have heard is as stated in the above song...

My twentysomething is over | Reviewer: danielC
    ------ About the song Twentysomething performed by Jamie Cullum

This song really good.. but lucky thing at the age of 29, I got my dream job as a photojournalist.. who care about the educatiion as long as we di something we like to do and that's we call happiness!

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