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Jamestown Story Biography

Last updated: 09/16/2013 07:41:39 AM

In a time where many consider the music industry dieing (or at least badly wounded) one group seems to be breaking down walls and gaining more and more ground. Jamestown Story aka Dane Schmidt and Brandyn Anderson have crafted their acoustically driven sound through 9 releases, over 175,000 songs sold on iTunes, and placements on programs featured on MTV and E! And they've done it without any help from a label (or as some would say, the man.)

Jamestown Story's Story: Started as a means to cope with a bad break up (the perfect solution for a teenager growing up in the Midwest), Dane Schmidt's acoustic release of Broken Summer, in August of 2003, started to making waves in the Duluth, MN local scene. After a brief stint in College, Dane decided to take his acoustic project and electrify it, so he started a full-band. Recruiting the likes of his brother/future producer and mixer Jordan Schmidt and a few friends. From that point on ...And Then I Turned Seven...was born (abbreviated as ATITS).

In 2004, ATITS made huge leaps in bounds through the site, going from a few plays a day to thousands of plays a day within a matter of weeks. With the new found following, ATITS hit the road and toured across the country (East Coast, West Coast, Middle Coast, everywhere).

2005 saw the release of the first full-band Ep, The Jamestown Story EP. Thanks to their large following, grueling tour schedule, and being nice Midwestern boys, ATITS was able to sell 4,000 copies of the EP along with 5,000 copies of Broken Summer, and obtain millions of song plays on purevolume and (over 13 million plays on both sites combined), yet no labeled seemed interested. After much talk, the band decided to change their name so that they could be more marketable (business word for attractive) to labels. Thus, ATITS was no more and Jamestown Story was born (circa 2007). At this point, certain members decided to leave the band (amicably, of course), the line-up saw continuous changes and the history of the band was uncertain.

While working on their next release, One Last Breath, Kieren (violinist) and Dane began working on a side project, Sing It Loud. As time moved on, Sing It Loud became more of the main focus and were quickly signed to Epitaph Records. Dane and Kieren continued to tour under the Jamestown Story moniker, but strictly as an opening act for Sing It Loud.

In early 2008, Dane decided to leave Sing It Loud to re-focus on Jamestown Story, this time going back to the original stripped down acoustic sound he had founded the band upon. Releasing The Prologue EP in May, Jamestown Story found that they had developed a more mature sound and a surprisingly growing audience. Dane quickly released a full length later that fall entitled, Love vs. Life produced by long time collaborator and brother, Jordan Schmidt.

2009 saw Dane take on the role of a producer, creating a home studio and recording various acoustic projects, including Jamestown's split EP with Stephen Jerzak (of Universal Republic Records). After another EP release, Never Enough, Dane recruited keyboardist Brandyn Anderson of St. Paul, MN and Jamestown Story began playing shows as a two-piece. After releasing a cover EP, Dane and Brandyn decided to pair up with producer Jordan Schmidt to record the 2011 release Find A Way, this time heading across the world to Tokyo, Japan to do the album. Find A Way has had much commercial success, receiving placements on The Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and numerous other TV shows. Jamestown Story is currently in the studio working on their next release due out this holiday season.

For a story that started out as a way to cope with a bad relationship, Jamestown Story has done extremely well for themselves. They continue to be a pioneer and role model for independent musicians across the world. The best part is, their story is far from over...