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Born in Lagos, Nigeria to an Australian mother and an
English father, James' family migrated to Australia in the
early 60's, settling in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
area. Leaving law school to study drama at the Victorian
College of the Arts, James' musical career initially took
hold in the early 80's when he and some friends formed the
band Australian Crawl.

With his prolific songwriting and unique vocal style, James
led Australian Crawl to the top of the Australian music
scene. The band's popularity skyrocketed with all of More...

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Review about James Reyne songs
Black and Blue World | Reviewer: The Grappler
    ------ About the song Black And Blue World performed by James Reyne

One of my favourites - I won't go into all academic stuff. I just like the imagery and the feelings it evokes. I also find this and a few other James Reyne songs good for driving...

A Lesson in Acoustic & Vocal Performance | Reviewer: Glen Ferris
    ------ About the song Any Day Above Ground performed by James Reyne

If ever you needed to hear vocal chords, steel and wood in harmony, look no further than this beautiful track. From the heartfelt and evocative lyrics to the dynamic and incredibly controlled vocal performance, underpinned by a gorgeous and simple chord structure played to artful and subtle strength, this song simply pulls your ears front centre, then punches your heart with a jaw dropping and quite possibly the most lyrically expressive way of telling someone how important they are set against a wonderful melody that you cant help but take a deep breathe and FEEL the song....this is a truly great piece of songwriting and a delivery that sets the bar for any wannabes hitting us with tales of beautiful subway romance or cannonball floating etc, etc. Buy it, turn it up, listen up and face the music.
James Reyne. What it must be to have this out of your head and safely documented....I doff my cap to you sir.

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