James Otto Albums

  • Shake What God Gave Ya Album (9/14/2010)
    Are Ya With Me
    Groovy Little Summer Song
    Lover Man
    Soldiers & Jesus
    Love Don't Cost A Thing
    Sun Comes 'Round Again
    Shake What God Gave Ya
    It's A Good Time (For A Good Time)
    Just Like Sunshine
    Let's Just Let Go
    She Comes To Me
    Good Thing's Gone Bad

  • Sunset Man Album (4/8/2008)
    Ain't Gonna Stop
    Just Got Started Lovin' You
    For You
    These Are The Good Ole Days
    Where Angels Hang Around
    Sunset Man
    You Don't Act Like My Woman
    When A Woman's Not Watching
    Drink & Dial
    Damn Right
    The Man That I Am

  • Days Of Our Lives Album (3/9/2004)
    Long Way Down
    Misspent Youth
    Miss Temptation
    Sunday Morning And Saturday Night
    Song Of The Violin
    She Knows
    Days Of Our Lives
    The Last Thing I Do
    The Ball
    Lowdown On The Highlife
    Never Say Goodbye

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